Gassin’ It Up In Chico

All right, I’m gonna come clean. I’m not the biggest Tenacious D fan. I thought Pick of Destiny was funny, but beyond that… meh. I didn’t look up any of K.G.’s solo stuff before the show, and when someone mentioned KGB, my mind jumped straight to Russian intelligence agencies.

That being said… HOLY SHIT, THE SHOW ROCKED! I was surprised at first to hear Kyle Gass was coming to the Maltese, not the biggest bar in town. But it worked out in the end. With 100 online presale tickets selling out before the show, and another 20ish tickets at the door, the Maltese was packed full of fans waiting to see the Big G rock out.

Anticipation was high as people waited outside, forming a line that wrapped halfway down the block. OK, maybe it was like a quarter of the block. Regardless, everyone was stoked once the Pageant Dads took the stage to warm up the crowd. These dirty, drunken, dads pulled out witty quips and one-liners alongside funky riffs. Made up mostly of members from Clouds On Strings, Pageant Dads definitely draw from that style of light and airy melodies and progressive songs, but with more funk. Also not as many dizzying transitions, while still maintaining the eclectic feel. The characters portrayed by the band didn’t get in the way of the music (which I’ve heard has been a problem in the past). Gimmicks and jokes aside, Pageant Dads surprised me with their performance and definitely set the party vibe.

Then the man everyone came to see took the stage. Kyle Gass in the flesh. Big K.G. Himself. The Gassinator. Ew, that last one didn’t work out very well. Armed with nothing but a recorder, acoustic guitar, microphone, and a measly four piece backing band, Kyle Gass Band rocked the house.

One of the most stand out aspects of the show was how much fun Gass and the gang were having up on stage. They didn’t show any wear and tear from the travel, they weren’t haggard looking or disinterested, and the whole band was lively, which really fed the crowd’s energy. And boy, did they eat it up. I watched people sing along to classics such as “Bro-Ho”, “Gettin’ the Band Back Together”, as well as a T.D. throwback “Fuck Her Gently”.

Gass didn’t hog the spotlight, which is commendable considering his name is the band name; he let the members of the band shine and show off their individual talent as well. The rhythm guitar player sang a few songs, showing off his powerful voice, and the lead guitar player sure could wail! The whole band had great chemistry, and flowed together onstage. They covered a large spectrum of ripping bluesy songs, rock licks and riffs, and even busted out some funk. And by funk, I mean that groovy, hip shakin’ stank you usually find on cheese you left out overnight. The kind that leaves a taste in your mouth.

They did a great job working the crowd as well. From having girls get them drinks from the bar, to cracking jokes on stage, and just rallying everyone up. Gass definitely showed Chico a good time. He even hinted towards settling down here in town. If he was serious or not, only he knows, but who would blame him if he did? Now, don’t go spreading that kind of talk around; I’m claiming no responsibility for the credibility of that statement. But what you did hear from me was that The Kyle Gass Band sure knows how to get down with the get down

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