Furlough Fridays – Divided

The obvious star here is the female lead vocalist Minnie Mental: She’s a girl, she’s got great pipes, and she’s not afraid to sing with some grit.

A solid, driving simplicity is the main appeal of Divided, framing Minnie’s crooning nicely while the band waits for the loud parts. The loud parts are the best parts—the band obviously feels most at home when they’re powering through heavy garage rock riffs. The mix is then nicely filled with chunky guitar fuzz and big drums before returning to the slightly underwhelming verses.

Of the album’s big loud parts, “Scarlett” has some of my favorites: they’re so thick and colorful that I really think the song could have cut out its first minute of quiet groove, the sooner to get to the good stuff. “Still Water” holds a better pace, keeping the sweet loudness up front and minimizing the filler.

Divided is rock-solid and keeps the musical ideas nice and simple. It seems like they’ve chilled out and become more thoughtful since their 2012 release Sliver, which in this context comes across as a loud party album.

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