Floater And Hyde

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This week marks the arrival to Chico of Allison Hyde, a printmaker and artist born and raised in Tacoma, WA. Her prints are cool, but her strangeness really comes through in her installation art. What she offers isn’t so much a beautiful image or a deep message, but a personal moment for you to experience. A moment in which you may feel any number of things in response…
A moment that could only occur in the unique space Hyde creates. See her work March 7th – 30th at 1078 Gallery, and see her prints March 11th – 30th at the Janet Turner Print Museum (that’s a museum in the CSU library).

On the aural side of experience, Floater is returning to give two more of their signature mind-blowing performances. The first being a rock show at The Senator on March 15th, and a second acoustic show at the El Rey on March 16th. I know we all see their name quite regularly on the Senator billboard, but what do you really know about this remarkable band? I hit up Rob, their singer/songwriter, to see what he had to say.

What were you going through when you created your latest LP, Wake?

Wake represented a lot of change for the band on a lot of levels.  We were all going through a lot in our personal lives and that made its presence known pretty dramatically in the music. The process of change has been a theme for me over the years, and I’ve only recently really noticed that. Wake was a reaction to a lot of changes and was really cathartic on many levels.  When it was finished, I really knew that it would take some time to process, and I think I’m still doing that.

Are you planning on dropping “Cinema” at the show?

The St. Paddy’s weekend shows will have some surprises and some songs you can count on, but I’m not going to ruin the fun by spilling the beans.

If Floater were a Pokémon, which one would it be?

The one that very few people have heard of, but that has the power to dim time, whichever one that is.

Have anything to say to your Chico fans?

There’ll be a few musical surprises you won’t want to miss. After these shows we’ll be vanishing for an undetermined amount of time, and you may not see Floater for quite a while. So hopefully we’ll see you there!

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