Events Calendar 1/5/15-1/11/15


6th | Tuesday

Bidwell Presbyterian Church: Accepting Applications—New Habitat Home. 6-8pm, 18+


Best Bet

Dead Winter Carpenters

Sierra Nevada Big Room

Come prove your patriotic worth by absorbing some Americana through your earholes, and some Chico-brewed beer through your mouth hole. Alt-Country-Americana on a Tuesday night, what could be better? For real though, it’s Tuesday, what the heck else are you going to do? Stay at home with your cat and your crippling loneliness? No way, dude. Sierra Nevada Big Room, all ages, $15.

7th | Wednesday          


Best Bet

Trivia Night

Woodstocks Pizza

Force your mental inferiors to cower at your feet as you triumphantly bask in the glory of victory on Trivia Night. Make them rue the day they ever asserted falsehoods with any modicum of confidence. Drink the sweet nectar of the Gods and/or Budweiser, and feast on pizza (food of the Gods), whilst you strike fear into those hearts who might seek to challenge your throne of Trivia. All ages. 8pm.


9th | Friday               

1078 Gallery: Jimmy Grant Ensemble. 7:30pm, all ages, $10

Lost On Main: Con Brio. 9pm

Maltese: Supernaut, Aces Over Jacks, more TBA. 9pm, 21+


Best Bet

Latin Dance Night

Pita Pit

Feeling caliente? Shake your sillies out in the spiciest fashion with the Chico Salsa Connection. If there’s anything we learned in 2014, it’s that nothing can go wrong when you pair lots of food with vigorous dancing, so eat up. If nothing else you can have a few Lime-a-Ritas before heading over and yelling the lyrics to Harry Belafonte’s classic “Jump In The Line” through the glass. All ages, 8pm, free.


The Tackle Box: All Fired Up!

10th | Saturday              


Best Bet

Furlough Fridays, BandMaster Ruckus, Bull Moose Party

The Maltese

Well kids, a storm is upon us. And this weekend is one of the last you’ll get before it hits. The storm I speak of? Thousands of students, flooding back into town, crowding your favorite bars, restaurants, and downtown hangouts. Soak it up before it’s too late. We suggest attending this show at Maltese to do just that. Godspeed to us all. Winter is coming. 21+, 9pm.

The Tackle Box: Cherry Road Gang.