How do I sum up Chris Perondi’s Stunt Dog Experience show? Hmm… Lasers, puns, the Baha Men, and yes, dogs. The show opened with some warm up tricks, mostly involving flying discs and forced punnery. “What sort of fun are you having?” “DOG-GONE-FUN!!” The dogs Perondi uses for his show are all dogs from shelters and rescues, and mostly consist of Border Collies and Cattle Dogs. Sporting sparkly vests and doggie smiles, the dogs performed a variety of tricks showcasing their agility, speed, balance and focus. Using some eager volunteers from the audience, Perondi showcased how far one dog could jump, launching him Evel Knievel-style over the four volunteers.

With all the lasers, puns, liberal use of the Baha Men’s “Who Let The Dogs Out,” and Kriss Kross’ “Jump,” I was having strong flashbacks of being a twelve year old at Cal Skate. Thinking about all the days spent under the black lights, skating, and singing manically along with “Everybody Dance Now,” I realized that this show was forcing nostalgia because kids and families are the intended audience. Obviously. The puns and music from the mid 90’s were a little off-putting, but overall it was a cute show, with a solid message about the importance of adopting dogs from shelters instead of breeders, and getting your pets spayed and neutered. Seriously though, how is it that no other music has been released since 1993 that features the word “jump?” After the show Perondi was kind enough to let me ask him a few questions about some dog-related topics.

How do you feel about the stigma surrounding pit bulls? 

I think they’re a tremendous dog, a great dog. A lot of it has to do with bad training and bad owners. They can be the sweetest dogs ever, capable of doing a lot of tricks and being trained. It comes down to breeding, breeding them to be aggressive, and when people do get them they don’t handle them properly.

Do you have any thoughts about the Westminster Dog Show recently allowing certain mixed breeds to compete in their show? 

I think it’s great, and I think they should have been doing it a long time ago. A lot of people think you have to have a purebred dog to have a smart dog, and that’s just not true. That’s like saying that we as humans aren’t as smart for having mixed blood. And even in shelters, 40 percent of the dogs there are actually purebred dogs, so if people want a pure dog, they can still get it at a shelter.

Anything else you’d like to add? 

Spay and neuter your pets, and spend more time with your dogs. Even if that’s just taking them for a walk, it’s important to do.


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