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 Recently we made a bit of a fuss about how dismissing a popular columnist without explanation to the readers isn’t really the way to go. In the interest of making my own mistakes rather than repeating those of others, I’m going to come right out and explain why I decided to end the run of Jaime O’Neill’s column, Old Crock. Did I not mention that’s happening? OK, I’ll begin at the beginning.

This week’s issue contains the final installment of Old Crock. For some of you this is sad news, for others it’s, well… Anyway, it’s abrupt. In an ideal situation there would be a farewell column so you could all get some closure—maybe a wrap-up episode where the Koch brothers finally kiss and Rush Limbaugh gets his dream job but it’s in France—but alas, it’s just going to end cold.

“But WHY?” you might be asking, or possibly you’re eating a hotdog and you don’t like to talk with your mouth full. It’s because I have a few fundamental beliefs:

1) I don’t care how talented a person is, if they want my support they have to also be nice. At least to me. (Jeez, I should probably reevaluate that last part.)

2) Even when people are upset, they should reciprocate polite behavior when it’s afforded them, and refrain from hurling insults. Especially grown-ass men.

3) People should walk it back when someone tells them they’re crossing the line, not double down.

4) The RENT is TOO DAMN HIGH! And by that, I mean I don’t make nearly enough money at this to put up with any bullshit.

The reason I love this job is that it gives me an opportunity to interact with amazing people who do amazing things, and that I get to work with a wonderful team whom I respect and admire. My job is fun and (usually) drama free, and that’s what keeps me energized and committed. I won’t allow anyone to pollute that environment.

So yeah, long story short—Jaime and I got into it a few days ago over something really small (I’m sometimes slow to return emails), and it quickly escalated into something insane. Things were said, bluffs were called, columns were cancelled, more things were said, and he decided to storm off rather than write a farewell. And then he wrote me a series of emails full of backhanded advice and direct insults (which I’ll respond to eventually), and I was left feeling pretty solid about finally putting some distance between us.

In retrospect, I should’ve seen it coming a mile away. When a person treats others disrespectfully, they will inevitably treat you disrespectfully. When a person uses hyperbole to express every upset, they will inevitably blow your words and actions out of proportion too. When you pick up a scorpion and it stings you, all you can say is, “Oh, right, scorpion.”

The good news is, we’ve already started looking at some pretty cool options (feel free to email me if you’d like to throw your hat into the ring—editorial@synthesis.net), and will have at least one fresh new column coming for you soon. Plus, I think we’re all looking forward to Jaime being on the cover of the CN&R flipping two birds at a Synthesis. My gift to you, Melissa Daugherty, enjoy.

Managing Editor for Synthesis Weekly. Amy likes to make clothes, plant flowers, and chase butterflies.


  1. Vickie says:

    Seriously? As an editor you should know the importance of replying to a message, especially since you expect the same in return. So, it is okay for a writer to be “slow to return emails,” if it is okay for you “to be slow to return emails”? What is good for the goose in not so good for the gander… I’d like to see what you have to say to the writer who delays replying to an email you send him or her concerning an article that he or she wrote that is due out for print… Hum… Respect goes both ways. Maybe you should go catch some more butterflies and leave the editing to the professionals who know the importance of promptly returning a writer’s emails.

    1. Barry says:

      Calm your tits, Vickie. Jamie has shit every place he’s ever eaten, it was just Synthesis’s turn. Hum… Maybe you should go take a few yoga classes and leave the commenting to people who actually know what’s going on.

      1. Gary Smith says:

        When your balls drop Barry come back and see if you can reason too. Vickie’s comment was spot on and addressed the issue on it’s merits, your comment is ignorant.

        1. Lee Roader says:

          Hey Gary,

          By referring to Barry’s “balls dropping”, would that be referring to them dropping off your chin?

          Adios, Jaime. No loss to humanity.

          And to Amy Olson- THANK YOU!

      2. Vickie says:

        I have no tits Barry, due to a double radial mastectomy, but thanks so much for your lovely eloquently stated comment. Now maybe you should go climb back into that hole you live in and leave the comments to people who know what’s going on. Oh, and apparently you do not understand the concept of respect-look it up.

        1. W says:

          That’s *your* eloquently stated reply, pulling the victim card out of nowhere? Maybe you should post all your issues and conditions so your widdle fee-fees don’t get hurt when you’re called on your shit, girlie. Oops, I mean not-quite-girlie-anymore.

          Don’t judge me! I woke up in a hotel room to find my give-a-damn had been surgically removed! That wasn’t my fault! Boo hoo!

          1. Vickie says:

            You missed the point: sarcasm. Called on my shit? Not likely. There was nothing intelligent in that remark or yours to “call me on.” You want to make a point why the editor feels above the need to reply to writers promptly, then do so. Writers are required to answer promptly because of deadlines, as editors are also required to answer promptly because writers must meet the deadline imposed upon them by either editor or paper, or other source. But your disdain over one writer overlooks this core issue.

    2. Lee Roader says:

      Well well well.
      Another whining, liberal, head-in-the-sand defense of the Almighty Jaime by the oblivious Vickie Hollar, one of his blindest and slobbering followers.

      Cry me a river, like Jaime getting fired was without warrant!

      Amy Olson OBVIOUSLY gave it ample thought and came to the correct conclusion about the proper way to handle Jaime’s constant abuse, lies, and arrogance.
      Your insulting her shows the exact same lack of intelligence, self-restraint, and cognitive skills shared by Jaime.
      Life is tough. It’s even tougher when you’re STUPID. Deal with it, Vickie.

      1. Vickie says:

        Insulting? It is stating the obvious. “Writers are required to answer promptly because of deadlines, as editors are also required to answer promptly because writers must meet the deadline imposed upon them by either editor or paper, or other source. But your disdain over one writer overlooks this core issue.” THAT is the point.

  2. John Mullins says:

    Oh good gawd, I can’t hardly believe what I read!

    ANOTHER online publication wises up and CANS JAIME!

    Oh, HELL YEAH!

    I rarely drink, but I think I’ll have a victory toast tonight.

    Someone PLEASE give Amy Olson a HUGE RAISE!

  3. Carmen says:

    I read the Post and was directed here so I could read this and make sure it was true.

    “and he decided to storm off rather than write a farewell.”
    OH, what a totally “Jaime” thing to do! I’m dumbfounded that he lasted this long.

    I have only one thing to say to Jaime;

    HA HA, asshole!

  4. Dash R. says:

    I wonder how many more editions of this weakly are left to be published. Any bets/guesses from the commentariat? I sense it is not long of this world…or any other. Semper Fudge

  5. Jaime called me a "racist" says:

    My sides hurt from laughing so hard after finding out he was given THE BIG BOOT.

  6. Dan Howar says:

    Most excellent- a well made decision!

    I like the way she detailed the situation:

    A) Jaime and I got into it a few days ago over something really small

    B) it quickly escalated into something insane. Things were said, bluffs were called, columns were cancelled, more things were said, and

    C) he decided to storm off rather than write a farewell.

    D) And then he wrote me a series of emails full of backhanded advice and direct insults

    As has been detailed in The Paradise Post, he is prone to extreme anger, childishness, fits of rage, insulting every one when their opinions differ from his, and hides behind his computer all day lashing out at those he is too cowardly to deal with in person. I hope this does not escalate into him doing something insane, as he seems to be mighty unstable. If his emails are of a threatening nature maybe a restraining order would be a good idea.

    1. Remonster says:

      “Dan Hower, JJ, and Carmen” they three of you – lol – can take your cocks out of each others mouths now and form your Circle Jerk and GO BIG! Youse guys sure have purty moufs!

  7. Geoff says:

    Remonster, written (and misspelled) like a true Liberal. When defeated, bring out the insults and psychotic rants.

    We understand, that’s often the initial reaction from children who were raised in a broken home, or raised by abusive or unloving parents. I’m sure the ACA has a program especially for afflicted people like yourself.

  8. Overweight Ed says:


  9. Ron Sherman says:

    For the editor of a periodical, handling some criticism is part of her job description. She should be required to do her job. Her extended editorial was nothing more than a very public “f*** **u”, which was very inappropriate. If she can’t do her job, then maybe Synthesis should consider hiring somebody who can.

    1. Dan says:

      She wasn’t talking about “criticism” Ron. She is talking about abuse, and Jaime’s hostilities.
      I think she worded it pretty gently, considering she didn’t choose to print the vile viciousness in Jaime’s emails.

      And since Jaime is too belligerent, butt-hurt, and childish to do the right thing and write a “farewell column”, she had the responsibility to explain his departure.

      I think she did so quite well, thank you.

    2. Vickie says:

      Finally someone with clarity.

  10. Remonster says:

    Dear Geoff, to quote the greatest leader this nation ever produced I say this “Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning”? res ipsa loquitur Also, and in much the same manner as that great statesman I would similarly like to follow suit and do likewise with you “…Too many OB-GYNs aren’t able to practice their love with women all across this country.” I too want to practice my love all over you Geoff. Give me that address you and the rest of the gang are at for tonight’s circle jerk will you. Share the love Geoff.

  11. Eric Patterson says:

    Once again O’Neill’s legendary Ego went up like the Hindenburg and he crashed. What’s this, then, his 157th Pink Slip?

    KUDOS to Amy Olson who possesses the one thing that is an anathema to O’Neill — professionalism.

  12. Searcher says:

    Confirmed that “Dash R.” and “Remonster” are the same person, both using the same ISP # and unique digital I.D.

    1. Searcher Stench says:

      Come on out of your parents basement “Searcher” and wipe the Cheeto stains off your shirt big boy and go outside and see get natural light. Your porn addled brain has you thinking you are some type of internet action hero. Semper Fudge!

    2. Searcher says:

      UPDATE- “Remonster”, Dash R”, :Gary Smith”, “Gary Smyth” and others screen names are from the same ISP # and unique digital I.D.

      Other “screen names” will be reported as found.

      1. Searcher says:

        UPDATE 2- “Searcher Stench” added- same ISP# and unique digital ID.

        Results available on request.

        1. Searcher Stench's Mother says:

          I want you to go outside and play this minute “Searcher”! No more internet, no more porn, and no more self-abuse. Your skin looks like an unwashed ass. Now get outside!

  13. Red Dog says:

    Good for you, Amy Olsen.

    I would like to see the threatening emails Jaime sent you printed here- is that a possibility? I would gladly pay for any costs incurred.

  14. Cutter says:

    There is an on-line petition to have Jaime Oneill removed from writing for the Paradise Post- one of the last places that are still printing his lies and hate.
    I suggest that you read and sign it.


  15. Bill Okama says:

    What we need is a petition to have the asshole jailed for hate speech. He is pond scum.

  16. Big T says:

    My thanks to the staff of Synthesis.
    The “impotent scorpion” should be banned from writing his long winded abominations in all forums.

  17. Dee Lytid says:


    Happy days are here again.

  18. Lee Roader says:

    Dee, No, he has just been put on the very back pages of the Post, and is forbidden from posting any more of the stupid comments and vicious replies he was doing.

  19. John Mullins says:

    It is with great pleasure that I post this- as of 08-17-14, it appears that the Paradise Post is no longer letting Jaime O’Neill’s “columns” in their online edition, which means most likely ALSO NOT in their printed edition.

    Jaime, I told you this would happen. When you insult and mess with the wrong people, it always comes back on you, and sometimes tenfold.

    With that said, allow me to post this most fitting tribute to your sudden dismissal:


    1. John Mullin's Mama says:

      Johnny I told you to quit playing with the poo in your depends and scribbling s**t on this Internet wall. Now go change your diapers and quit playing with yourself. The adults are tired of your shtick.

      O’NEILL: Friends, Books, Rain, and Other Good Things
      By Jaime O’Neill
      POSTED: 08/17/2014 05:51:03 PM PDT

      and speaking of fitting tributes pay attention and take notes!


  20. John Mullins says:

    Oh, poor “Remonster/Dashr/Gary Smith/Smyth”, etc., etc., etc….
    Whatever time Jaime may have left at the Paradise Post is waning- his last “column” got shoved deep into the backpage cracks, was delayed 2 days, and from what was heard from a P.P. insider, he’s being ”shuffled off to Buffalo”.

    Meantime, a few “changes” have been made at the Post, and the Chico ER, in case you haven’t noticed. Now, why do you think that happened?


  21. Lee Roader says:

    Checked and verified. The Paradise Post fired Jaime.
    He’s permanently gone. Now he only writes for “The Synthesis Weakly” which has disallowed any commenters other than those grandfathered in to post any opposing comments at all.

    Life is good.

    1. Dain Sandoval says:

      Mr O’Neill does not write for Synthesis and has not since June 2014. As for comments – most comments are approved but may require moderation before being displayed. Once a user has a few approved comments, their subsequent comments may display without moderation.

      1. Lee Roader says:

        To Dain-

        My mistake, and my sincere apologies for the error.

        I meant to say that he only writes for “The Smirking Chimp”, (NOT Synthesis Weekly) which has disallowed commenting on his “articles.”

        Please feel free to remove my previous comment.

        1. Flea Hoarder says:

          I continue to be impressed by your perspicacity on all matters re Jaime and your exhaustive foo flinging skills. But you must remember to keep your fecal stained odiferous fingers off the keys when you type lest you slip and actually type something that might be true. And now without further ado doo here’s Jaime!

          O’NEILL: Good person? Take this simple test to find out
          Paradise Post
          POSTED: 09/05/2014 04:36:43 PM PDT http://www.paradisepost.com/columns/ci_26476711/oneill-good-person-take-this-simple-test-find#dfm_disqus_comments