Decency Defectives Take To The Air


There are some things decent people just don’t say or do, but far too many Americans seem to have lost all sense of what decency means. They are the decency defectives, and we have a plague of them these days. Collect all the mean-spirited, racist or indecent comments made by Michelle Malkin, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, and hundreds of local right wing radio talkers from coast to coast and you’ll have a big compendium of ignorance, fear, and hate; a a big book of misanthropy, misogyny, racism and cruel indifference to the less fortunate.

If you’re not meeting the minimum daily requirement of hate speech, there are lots of suppliers out there willing to amp up your dosage of plain ol’ human shittiness. One recent example of how low right wingers can proudly go was supplied by Laura Ingraham, one of those conservative bottle blondes who makes a nice chunk o’ change by making sure the word “bitch” shall never lose its utility. She has a call-in show disseminated like a virus on hundreds of radio stations. On this particular occasion, a Hispanic woman called in to politely offer her opinion about the need for immigration reform. The charming Ms. Ingraham spent several moments making fun of the caller’s accented English, sneering at it for the benefit of her xenophobic listeners. Ingraham says she speaks Spanish, but I’d bet my left hand that when she does, she speaks with a pronounced accent. Travelers who have struggled to make themselves understood in a language they didn’t learn as children would not be inclined to make fun of any non-native speaker who may stumble on a word or two. The fact that Ms. Ingraham chose to stoop so low represents a failure of decency at a very elemental level.

On the hateful hypocrite front, we find a stunning example in the recent case of Congressman Trey Radel of Florida, a cocaine consumer who voted to make his constituents take drug tests before they could get welfare or food stamps, though he sees no reason to make drug testing mandatory for those like himself who receive hefty congressional salaries, thus allowing taxpayers to foot the bill for their recreational drug use.

And no discourse on the subject of indecency would be complete without mentioning cuddly ol’ Rush Limbaugh, the Klown King of Unkindness, squirming in his chair to mimic the effects of Parkinson’s Disease while claiming that Michael J. Fox, who suffers from that disease, was faking his symptoms to gain sympathy. What kind of asshole do you have to be to do a thing like that, or to tune in to hear a guy who can be counted on to perform it for your delectation?

Lately, Rushbo has been worrying about what he calls the “chickification” of America. He’s concerned that we’re becoming feminized, and he seems to think he’s one of the last real men left in this country.

If Limbaugh is the model for American manhood these days, I’ll happily take a pass.


  1. Barry Choomgang says:

    What a hypocrite. You begin by saying everyone on the right is full of hate, then spend your entire article writing about your extreme and relentless hate for THEM.

    This illustrates why the democrats are so vile, and are unfit for society.

  2. Mauser says:

    Amazing puff piece. Inaccuracies, slander, hatred, and blind to the truth.