December 3 – December 9

Aries: You have more power than usual. You may even end up purchasing a faster mode of transportation. Expanding your mind is where it’s at these days. Try out new tasks or skills that involve using your hands. Be aware of your intuition and try to be sensitive to what other people are doing. Count your blessings and not your frustrations. Be aware of your potential to do good for the greater whole. Be exploratory and try something new every chance you get. Fear prevents rational thinking. Understanding with empathy erases most conflicts.

Taurus: Surrender to the fact that no one can control everything. Partnership issues should begin to sweeten up nicely with Venus transiting your seventh house. Admiration comes from many people and places. Be thankful for the good things you have. Wealth is coming to you, but you may have to sing for your supper. Relax and don’t be intimidated by what other people own or owe. You are a child of the creator and that should be good enough. Wednesday and Thursday are best for expressing yourself creatively and lovingly.

Gemini: Why not be yourself. All the other selves have been taken. You have the good fortune that your partner is looking for. Romance is easy to come by. People still sneak “quickies” in with coworkers and the people they serve. Friday and Saturday look best for such activity. Mercury is still passing through your sixth house as you take care of the b.s. that took place during the last Mercury retrograde. In a couple of weeks love will be whispering your name. Keep doing things to improve your health.

Cancer: You are caught between play and service, and leading or following. We are living in complicated times with complicated people. Your creative goals are going to be going through a metamorphosis. Slow change is good change. You are able to love like there is no tomorrow. Pay extra attention to female children if you have them. Sunday looks especially good for art, music, and any sort of spiritual expression. Be sensitive to your own health needs as well as the needs of your coworkers, aunts, uncles and small pets.

Leo: The week begins strong for you with the moon in Leo. You’ll feel inspired and ready to meet the challenges that lie ahead. This is a particularly fun time of year for you when generosity abounds and homes are adorned with colorful lights and decorations. The celebration of children is something that you love. You’ll have more opportunities to please kids as well as the kid within you. You will excel at creative works and dramatic performances. You have good friends cheering you on. Work with your hands over the weekend.

Virgo: Home, sleep, and your parents are of primary concern these days. Family and the memories of family are often reflected upon this time of year. You are also inclined to spend more time developing your own talents and skills. And this is a time of year when we are more deeply in touch with our feelings. Wednesday and Thursday will be no exception as the moon in Virgo inspires you to act on your feelings. You’re also somewhat committed to taking things slow. Siblings and old friends are part of the picture.

Libra: Sing spiritual songs if you are in crisis and it will lift up the situation. You find yourself extra sensitive to the environment around you this week. Do things to bring beauty around you. Material blessings are coming your way yet there may be some hard work connected with this. If you’re ready to climb the mountain then the mountain will appear. Learn as much as you can during this period. Get rain gear to ride your bike and walk in the rain. Friday through Sunday morning feature a moon in Libra. Celebrate life’s bargains.

Scorpio: Manifesting what you want is what this week is all about. Begin by using your talents and skills to your full potential. Wednesday and Thursday are best for taking care of your social connections and seeing friends. Lay low over the weekend by Sunday afternoon the moon will be in Scorpio and it will be safe to come out to play once again. Put on a good face and smile more often. Eat good food. Purchase things from places that reflect your values. Celebrate your sexiness as Venus in Scorpio continues to arouse curiosity.

Sagittarius: Happy Birthday! This week marks the mid-point of Sagittarius and the chance to embark on another new adventure. You start the week full of vim and vigor. You are ready to move forward to learn new things. You’re aware of some karmic debt that you need to pay back. Doing good deeds is your business. Talents and skills must be displayed Wednesday through Thursday. The weekend looks good for socializing. Help those that have helped you. Don’t deny your spiritual life. Be grateful for how good you’ve had it.

Capricorn: You continue to move forward with dynamic drive. You need helpful people to help move your life forward. Due to some past good deeds there are some fine folks in your court. Career-wise Friday and Saturday provide some opportunities for you to show your talents and skills. Otherwise, see this time as a chance to help those that are isolated; like prisoners and people in rest homes. Wednesday and Thursday are good days for travel and education. Your luck is up. Listen to your intuition and follow your dreams.

Aquarius: Practice what you preach. You are still very much in the public eye. Your actions may be pissing off some weakened male that doesn’t know how to deal with you. But who does for that matter? In other words, have compassion for your enemies, love for yourself, and a celebration of friends and good ideas. You are here to help us all prepare for the future. Be happy to be able to do good. Monday and Tuesday look good for love. Friday and Saturday look good for travel and higher education. Dazzle us with your talents and skills.

Pisces: They say that the current educational system works for about 18% of those enrolled. This means that 82% are left with the short end of the stick. Justice for a few can never truly be seen as justice. You are in the unique position of being able to extend liberty as a leader and a provider. This week we see work merging into love and providing a means to transform and eventually better yourself. Luck is with you, but more is being expected from you at the same time. Take on the bigger challenge and receive the bigger reward.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Topher Dalton 12/8/76

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