Damn… I Wanted to Quit

But, in a good way.
I wanted to stride confidently through the doors one last time, and tell everyone what a pleasure it was being apart of the magazine. Even if I forgot your name a lot. Then I’d grab my final Duffy’s bucks and ride off to Montana.

Oh yeah, I’m moving to Montana.

It’ll be bittersweet to leave, much like writing this is. It’s always excited to move on and explore, but I will always look back fondly on these past years.

Reading Eric Wendt’s column about his time as editor left me thinking one thing:

“Why didn’t I call him when I went to Chicago?”

Eric was my original editor for the paper. And just as he owes much to his old professors, I owe him for taking a chance letting a 19 year old cover a music scene that’s mostly bar shows. When I started, I was fresh into Butte College trying to juggle work, school, future aspirations, a social life, and playing in my own share of bands. I’ll never forget one of my first conversations with Eric in the office. He was interviewing me and asked about my availability. I went to school at 9am and was out of work at 5pm.

He said “Well, we’re open 10-4, but if you can make it work, it’ll work out.”

So I spent my first year coming in for 20 minutes every Friday on my lunch break to pick up CDs and touch base.

I’ve written for the Synthesis for about three years now. A lot’s changed. Since Eric left, I’ve had five or six different editors, got an AA in Language Arts from Butte, and watched my old bands go down in a blaze of what would be improper to call glory. But that’s life. It changes.

On thing I hope never does change is the scene here. Sure, it’ll be different when/if I come back. I hope to still see your faces in the crowds, or on stage with a new lineup. Or strangers I’ve never seen playing music that’s so edgy my mind dissolves out my ears. I’d like that.

It’s been a blast listening to everyone play. Thanks to everyone who inspired me to keep playing myself and to keep writing.

Cuz honestly, I never gave a shit if anyone read my columns.

I never gave a shit about bolstering my resume to pursue my journalism career.

I wrote them for the people playing the music. In hopes that someone who couldn’t make the show got to hear about it, and maybe catch the next one. There are so many great bands that go unnoticed in this town, and I love the Synthesis for letting me blather on about them for so long.

Even if I stressed out the editors sometimes.

So speaking of great bands, be sure to get out to the Tackle Box the entire month of April. Chico Breaks the Record is live folks! This is going to be one crazy marathon of music, and I’m sure if this wasn’t my last scene report you’d be hearing about it from me. But you’ll just have to go check it out on your own.

Starting April 1st, innumerable bands are going to be playing non stop until the end of the month for the Guinness World Record. The team organizing this needs their own record for just putting on this monstrosity of a show. Check the Chico Breaks the Record on Facebook for more details and to sign up.

I’ll see you there! My bands Big Bill & The Extra Crispies plays April 2nd at 3pm, and Guerrilla Gorilla April 5th at 11pm.

Yay I finally get to talk about my projects. Conflict of interest my ass!

What are they gonna do?

Fire me?


Tommy Diestel can't remember life without music and writing. He began writing for the Synthesis at the ripe age of 19, and aspires to be a life-long writer.