Counting My Blessings

I’ve been hit.

By a car.

While riding my bike.

I am grateful I made it out alive and relatively unscathed. A tibial plateau fracture here and some nasty road-rash there is nothing. It hurts to laugh, but at least I am laughing, right? I’d never been in an ambulance or even broken a bone for that matter, so the whole experience really put some things into perspective for me. I have a few thank-you’s to hand out, so stop reading now if you don’t like mushy stuff.

First I want to thank all of the amazing men and women who circled around me in the intersection to protect me from traffic and shade me from the sun until the medics arrived. You guys and gals are heroes. I don’t know any of your names and probably couldn’t pick you out of a line-up, but I know you all earned some Brownie points in heaven when you took time out of your respective Mondays to make sure a girl in the street was safe. Thank you so very much.

To the firemen, EMTs, and paramedics who responded to the call—thank you for making jokes and gently wrapping my leg up in a pillow. You must get this all the time, but you’re heroes. You made my first (and hopefully last) ambulance ride less scary. Muchas gracias.

To the Enloe Emergency Room staff—you people rock. I hate hospitals. I am sure no one really likes them, but I avoid hospitals like the Black Death. I realize now it’s the staff that makes all the difference. To my nurse and doctor, thank you for checking in and letting me know you didn’t forget about me. To the tech who survived a dancing accident that resulted in a tibial plateau fracture, thank you for making me laugh. To the other tech who made my splint and taught me all about crutches, I hope you get that new car sooner rather than later. I cannot thank any of you enough. Chico is lucky to have you all there to take care of us.

To Dax and the guys at Greenline—thank you for taking care of my bike and for checking in on me. You all hold a special place in my heart and if it weren’t for you guys, I wouldn’t have found my passion for cycling. Thank you for enriching my life by showing how much magic is made when you ride on two wheels.

To all of my friends—you guys and gals are the best friends a girl could ask for. I am really blessed by all of you being in my life. All of your texts and calls have really lifted my spirits. I appreciate them and you all very much.

To my family—thank you for sitting in the ER with me, for helping me make it up the stairs into the house, for making the best iced tea in Chico, for the calls and prayers, and for all of the love you’ve been sending my way. I am so lucky to have you all as my blood. Thank you.

I am trying to stay positive during this whole ordeal and count my blessings. I could have been killed. But I am sad I am going to miss out on dance nights at Duffy’s, days spent in Upper Park swimming holes, music festivals, concerts, and bike rides. So promise me, dear readers, that you will dance harder, swim longer, go to one more concert, and ride one more mile for me while I am stuck at home on the couch watching Judge Judy. In return I promise to keep counting my blessings.