Cool Under Pressure

Ohhh, what a week. I feel like I’ve been pulled in every direction imaginable.

First of all, I found out in the worst possible way—through a sickeningly gleeful facebook post—that we’re losing SynMedia designer Colin Leiker to the slutty clutches of some company in San Francisco. I was crushed. Who else would give me backhanded compliments about the “cool poem” I wrote about Isabel Dressler? Who else would beg me for Duffy’s Bucks, making me feel omnipotent and cruel when I denied him for no good reason? Who else could possibly pull off that combination of a well groomed beard with horn-rimmed glasses, a nice button-up shirt, and a fixie bike… who, WHO?

I tried desperately to guilt him into staying, but the most I could get was a vague promise that he’ll still do some things for us from afar—which I take as a solemn vow that he’ll be back in six months and then stay forever.

Cool, no problem. Losing Colin for a while, but he’ll totally get his heart crushed and everything will be fine.

Then I had this amazing 40 minute interview with Craig Blamer that got me super excited about the future of arts, and got my wheels turning on all the crap I could get out of my garage and “donate.”

Like a genius, I recorded this whole thing on my phone rather than finding replacement batteries for my official interview-recording device, and then like a super genius with giant sausage fingers, I promptly touched delete instead of the naming field when I went to save it. It was like I had some kind of hand-Tourettes. I literally screamed “Nooooooooo!” and spent the next two hours with my actual genius boyfriend trying to find a way to recover the data, but to no avail; it had never been saved, and without that crucial step, there was nothing.

OK, fine, deep breath… I’ll just write it by memory instead of transcribing it. Q & A articles are boring anyway (except for all the times we’ve ever done them and probably will in the future).

THEN I realized I’d written three quarters of my column without even mentioning the thing I initially wanted to devote it to: There’s this really cool event coming up on Saturday morning, from 9am to noon, called the Veterans Garden Project Plant Giveaway. It’s at the Humboldt Community Garden, 2253 Humboldt Rd, across the street from Marsh Junior High.

If you’re a veteran of the US military (stay away, mooching Canucks), they’ll give you and your family free plants—tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, eggplant, flowers, and more. FREE. You might be thinking that this is some kind of weird trap set by a bunch of hippies, but no. Although the project is led by several self-described left wing pacifists, including Michael Cannon, Michelle Angela, and Rosemary Febbo, rest assured there are also many Veterans working on the farm. Also, it’s just a small gesture to thank you for your service, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

The Veterans Garden Project is partially funded by the California Department of Agriculture, but they can always do more when they get donations from the public. Check out, get confused by the fact that it redirects to the Pub Scouts website, and then just find them on facebook for more information.

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