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I am completely exhausted, in the most literally depleted sense of the word. I finally started my strength training class, and as it turns out I’m the most out of shape person there. I’m not the oldest, or the largest, but God help me I’m the weakest and the slowest. If there were lions in there for some reason, they would pick me off in a heartbeat.

I’m trying really hard though, which means my body feels like I got trampled by a large elephant while I was in the process of lifting a smaller elephant. John and Sarah Fragoso (check them out on are the nicest people on the planet, and they kept asking me if I wanted to take it easy, but I have this ridiculous mechanism in my brain that forces me to say I’m fine whenever people ask. And then I feel guilty for not being honest, on top of forcing myself through physical suffering to prove the lie that I’m fine. It’s a vicious pattern of self sabotage that benefits no one.

On top of that, I’ve volunteered myself to do all kinds of writing in this issue (and again next issue, and probably every issue forever because I’m totally fine). The plus side of that is that I got to talk to one of the most impressive mover-shakers in our local performing arts community, Joe Hilsee of The Rogue Theatre. His productions are always extremely evocative and provocative—two of my favorite ocatives— and I was so pleased to be able to hear more about his perspective on theatre. The Rogue partnering with the Blue Room is a pretty big deal, too. If you’re not familiar with Chico theatre history, take my word for it: this is a development that brings a lot of happy to theatre fans.

Another cool thing happened this week: after saying a sad goodbye to Edible Bits, we’re welcoming two new columnists. I’m a jerk, and never welcomed Mona Treme, author of our bi-weekly column Consider The Platypus. She actually wrote her first piece for us a few issues back. But hey, it’s like being at a party where you nod at someone across the room before you actually say hi and introduce them to your boyfriend (in this metaphor you are my boyfriend, sorry if you’re married and this makes trouble for you at home). Anyway, welcome to Mona. We love her and you will too. We also have a new column I’m really excited about called Productivity Wasted by Eli Schwartz. He’s all kinds of clever, and is going to bring us some fun insights into gamer and internet culture.

I’d like to give one last shout to Ann Fox and the ladies of The Undead Beauties of Chico Calendar. Your tasteful side-boob has been making my January bright. If anyone wants to snag one of the last copies, they’re available online at, The Ultra Beautician (next to the Pageant), and Eye of Jade downtown.

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