So…did you notice?

As an avid reader of our masthead every week, I’m sure you’ve been waiting with breathless anticipation for my name to stop being listed as both the Managing Editor and the Entertainment Editor.

The redundancy has been burning my eyes so hard, but I just couldn’t delete the department from that list because that would mean I was never going to fill the position. And I seriously, SERIOUSLY needed the help.

Well, my delightful and diligent readers, as I’m sure you noticed, last week it finally happened. I finally have a Sigfried to my Roy (pre-mauling) in taming this paper beast: our brand new, 100 percent official Entertainment Editor, the multi-faceted and multi-talented Alex Light!

I’ve gotta tell ya, I’m absolutely giddy. Alex is a brilliant writer, who’s been contributing under a top-secret nom de plume for ages—he’s clever and insightful, and he’s as enthusiastic about supporting our local art and music scene as I am. I’m thinking of getting us Wonder Twin rings. I can be like, “Form of: a sane person!”

This change is going to mean so much as far as improving the function and content of the paper, as well as improving my ability to tend to basic hygiene and household chores, plan my stupid wedding, and have a little fun for a change (Sex. I’m referring to sex). Plus I get to come up with a bunch of metaphors involving famous duos, and lord knows I love doing that!

Another big thing has happened in the world of Synthesis/SynMedia/ Whateverthefuck: our resident tech genius (and my personal love genius) (Ew, sorry for saying that), Mr. Dain Sandoval, left for the brickier pastures of Chico State’s IT Support Services Department.

Dain has been the man behind the curtain around here since 2005. Well, 1998 if you count the lurking years (he likes lurking). He’s been the source of filthy humor, the writer of last minute articles, the voice of reason, the group memory bank through all the staffing changes, and the resolver of every inane or insane technical issue you can imagine. There is every possibility that without him the computers will all explode and we will be forced to hand out leaflets drawn in crayon in lieu of the paper. Not gonna lie, I’m legitimately scared of that one. Luckily for me we live together, and I still get to enjoy his lewd comments and selfies next to my butt every time I bend over for something.

I’m excited for the future. I like having a team again; it’s great knowing I could enjoy the luxury of catching the flu. And I like the sense of adventure heading into the unknown; the thrill of reacting in the moment. Even when struggles come along, there’s the sense of empowerment from surviving them, the deeper understanding of who you are and what you’re capable of. And every now and then the surprises are farewell taco parties, that result in pictures of Dain’s face being forever taped over every poster in the office, which is oddly comforting in those moments when my email is doing something weird.

Managing Editor for Synthesis Weekly. Amy likes to make clothes, plant flowers, and chase butterflies.