Jessica Fichot

Le Secret

Self Produced


French Elevator Music?

I like to listen to music and imagine that it’s soundtracking my life at that moment. This album is the soundtrack to naps. Cutting to the chase here, Le Secret was nothing special. I don’t know why! There are franchy songs, a jazzy clarinet, an accordion—it’s like the best band idea that ever failed. On paper, it’s everything I’d love in an album, but unfortunately it just didn’t translate. Jessica Fichot, a native Parisian squeezebox player, attempts to fuse some gypsy jazz with lyrical French chansons (I know! Sounds awesome, right?) But when I think of gypsy music I think of full, robust, naughty debaucheries, wherein you don’t necessarily need to know the language to get the gist of the song. I think of a large, raucous band full of sly-eyed party animals singing fiery, punchy choruses. Fichot was more, “wee-waa wee-waa I play an accordion and I’m totally indie so I’m automatically rad! Macarons!”

Anyway, she’s coming to Café Coda on June 10th and maybe she’s better live? I haven’t decided if I’m going or if I’m really that dedicated when it comes to trying to like all the franchy musics I can get my hands on. If you’d like to use this album as the soundtrack to a nap, or an anime flashback montage, or for the background to your next cat video, stop by my office and it’s all yours.


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