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Turtle Nightmare, Meet Nightmare Chair


A nightmare chair that comes to life and gives you a cold, mechanical hug every time it’s given orders by faceless people on a social media platform?

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Ain’t no party like a KZFR party, because the KZFR party had Thor.

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Street Style

street style

Meet Shawn, with the “fancy little shoes.”

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I felt like I was a character outside the story, as though the time after I set the book down and began remembering my own enchanted childhood was the true conclusion—the ultimate in audience participation.

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We’ll Just Leave This Here


Councilman Sean Morgan is fucking over it. We feel your pain, sir.

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Asheville & Ale


Sounds like a good enough reason to head over to North Carolina to see what the fuss is all about.

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Horoscopes Week of 4/29

loomis drawing

Aries Success is not measured in terms of how many possessions you own, but rather in the joy you carry in your soul from day to day. This week’s question is, “What is your focus?” When you are sad or angry, do you just stay there? Or do you look for help from others? Try […]

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A First Draft

Sunset Beer

The beauty was it didn’t have to be any more sophisticated than you wanted it to be.

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New Kids On The Dais

8-9 synthesis1926

Noobs, N00bs, newbs! We’re all familiar with their politics, but do they like raisins?

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Synthesis & Chico Solutions Survey!


In our quest to understand our beloved community as best we can, we’ve developed a survey to help give us some vital information about our partytime lifestyles.

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Super Har-Bowl


Both teams’ risky decisions have paid off as they both reached the Super Bowl.

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Punched In The Face


Coincidentally, it was this same week that I experienced, for the first time in my life, getting punched in the face by a drunken buffoon.

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Five By Five

Jesse has given us a couple of recipes to play with and his tonics make a really elegant gift for a discerning palate.

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I Wean

The only thing there is to do is make conscious and concerted efforts to wean myself off of the glory that is feasting, and to do it before I have to buy all new pants.

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