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We Need To Talk About Money


…now, that money we were putting toward debt is in our retirement accounts, earning money for us to use in the future.

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RIP Dan Tomassini

247075_205577109484974_8380754_n (1)

It is with a heavy heart that I report the passing of Dan Tomassini.

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We Don’t Hear Enough About Leftover Cuties; By The Second Paragraph You’ll Stand Up And Cheer

Leftover Cuties 2013 Photo1 Web

They’re a jazz-tinged LA band with a terrific lead singer

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A Tale Of Two Divisions


I love basketball. I get crazy about March Madness, but the NBA is where the action is. Period.

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Lou Reed Phone Interview (October 2006)


Lou Reed passed away October 27, 2013 at the age of 71. When I got to the office Monday morning, I remembered that Synthesis had done a quick chat with Lou Reed a few years ago. I found the audio file eerily (or not eerily) dated October 27, 2006. Deliciously uncomfortable at times, Maurice Spencer […]

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Instant Pot


InstantPot is amazing because it also has several modes for browning/stir-frying, steaming (it comes with a vegetable steamer), rice cooking, and babysitting. Just kidding—it won’t watch your rotten kids.

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The Kitchen Table


I’d like to say that out of 100 feedbags, The Kitchen Table rates at 85 feedbags.

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Bocce Winner Rick Bair

On Saturday July 27th, twelve men and six women competed in a one-on-one tournament to determine who is the best darn bocce player around.

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Minecraft Rocks

minecraft building

We are going to tell you about Minecraft, one of our favorite computer games to play. When we became friends, we started playing Minecraft a lot together, especially now that it’s summer.

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Coming of Age

synthesis headshot

In choice words, middle school was just… lacking. Lacking opportunity, lacking excitement, lacking anybody who understood my taste in music, art, movies, everything.

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Beauty is Not a Size 0

Carly A. Gunn Age 13

As I struggled through today’s society, I succumbed to the pressure of having to be skinny and thinking thin is the only form of beautiful. The eating disorder soon took over my thoughts and actions. I first started cutting back on the foods I loved. I was eating only healthy foods. Then I was only […]

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Hello, this is Franklin. I am Five.

photo (18)

Hello, this is Franklin, I am five. I have a lot of favorite things about summer in Chico.

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Kids In The Theater


The butterflies in my stomach and the feel of velvet brushing my shoulder, as I take the stage to perform my heart skips a beat. Not because I’m nervous, but out of pure joy and excitement. Musical Theater is my life, my name is Tia Elizabeth Watkins, I am 14 years old and I live […]

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Dylan is 10. And a Giants fan.

Bumpy, mixer, exterminate, egg shiny, likes to make souflays, with eggs, army.   by Dylan Lane age 10

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Molly is 12

Her eyes held her secrets of a million worlds On her lips rubies were painted When she spoke she sang a thousand songs with a    thousand voices And yet she never spoke And when she smiled it was like she was smiling at a sunrise every day Each one more beautiful than the last […]

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