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Time is Not Money


Two big events are fresh in my mind, framing today’s column. First (and less important), today is my birthday. Second (and more important), my aunt just passed away at age 55

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A Frugal Anniversary


Valentine’s Day was a couple weeks back, meaning low-cost, low-pressure dates are back in fashion. Rejoice, dating types—you can now happily attempt a frugal date. (Single persons: remain as you were.)

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Frugal in February


Here’s another idea: try donating blood.

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Taxes Aren’t Scary


The more knowledge I have about my taxes, the more I can plan for their role in my life.

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Avoiding Hangovers and Empty Wallets: Headaches Galore


Personally, I find bars frequently too expensive and permanently too loud for my enjoyment.

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Taking Stock and Making Stock


After awakening from your holiday food coma, dear reader, tackle your last assignment of the year.

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The Cost of Convenience


We’re in the midst of the seasonal sales storm, and there are innumerable Sirens of Convenience

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Extreme Cheapskates


If you’re unaware, there is a show called Extreme Cheapskates on TLC, and it is currently terrible

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I Can’t Believe People Pay to Watch Television


Why does paying for commercial-less radio shock me, but paying for commercial-full television not?

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The Value of Entertainment


For this week’s assignment, your task is to seek out completely free entertainment for the next week

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The Power Of Planning Ahead


Planning ahead for purchases of all kinds acts as a treasure map…

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Food And Math Are Both Nourishing


Thinking about food as a cost-per-meal calculation can help reign in spending.

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Personal Percentages


She paid off her debts in six months, and then started putting that 35% into saving for a down payment on a house. That’s the power of examining the percentages.

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The B Word, Part 2


Greetings new students! You’re just in time for the second half of a two-part budget column.

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The B Word, Part 1


Typically, the first budget suggestion/commandment is “Spend less than you earn.” It’s good advice, but occasionally it’s mathematically impossible.

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