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Io Torus, Sorin, and Fallujah Jan. 17 1078 Gallery

sorin 1

Melodic sweeping melodies mixed with brutal vocal lines really complimented the furious rhythmic breakdowns.

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Decades at Ruthless Rye IPA Release Party Jan 7 -Sierra Nevada Taproom


Several years ago, drummer Billy DiBono and I were sitting backstage at Feather Falls Casino alongside the lead singer of 80s cover band, Tainted Love. (more…)

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End of the World Transcendence Ball

Dr. Yes

It was a stormy night and I’m on mescaline.

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New Years Eve with the Mother Hips and Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers


The dichotomy of the Hips and the Gramblers sharing a bill made seeing them a unique experience.

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Midnight Showing of The Hobbit – December 14, 2012, Tinseltown


As for the movie itself, Peter Jackson has hit another home run clear into outer space. In fact, it may be near the not-planet, Pluto, by now.

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Watsky – Sunday, December 2nd, El Rey Theatre

Each rapper spoke the consistent message of defending your passions.

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The Loki Miller and Friends Blue Room Christmas Spectacular!

’Twas three weeks before Christmas and all through the town, Loki Miller was running, he was running around…

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Mickey Hart Band Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 Paradise Performing Arts Center

By Danny Cohen I got there a few minutes late and everyone was outside getting high. Dreadlocks and patchouli permeated everything. I waited in line with hot young girls, but I already had a free ticket. Half-nude West Africans out of an old Tarzan movie came out and danced like Zulus while playing Golden Gate […]

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Christmas Preview, Downtown Chico – November 18, 2012

More than visiting a whiskey-soaked Santa at the mall, or touring around town to see the most elaborate Christmas displays (see also: neighborhood pissing contests), the real festivity kicks off at the Christmas Preview in downtown Chico.

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Fishtank Ensemble

…one moment they played upbeat dance numbers and, before you could blink, switched to folk melodies straight from the old country, including a few numbers from Serbia. Half the time I had no idea what the language the vocals were in, but they sounded fun.

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Elvis Costello 2054 Centenary Tour Laxson Auditorium


In the army— “Oliver’s Army” or any other— being at attention and being at ease are totally disparate. In Laxson Auditorium last Tuesday, Elvis Costello had his packed audience straddling both simultaneously, as if they were complements. Looking around the auditorium, I found generations X, Y, and Z all perfectly at ease, relinquishing their full […]

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