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Gaytheist, Los New Heuvos, Teeph, and #whitegirlwasted


 Sept. 10th @ Monstros Pizza  For a Wednesday night, it was a pretty packed house at Monstros. The small pizza joint was filled with people anxious to catch the new bands that played alongside the established heavy hitters. Or maybe I should say established band, because Teeph was the only band anyone had seen before. […]

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Pageant Dads, Heatwarmer (WA), and Belda Beast


Anything where Alex Coffin and/or Gavin Fitzgerald are given free rein tends to become amazing.

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A Crack In The Climate: Butcher Shop 2014


I love the massive community that comes out to enjoy it, the feeling of having this special experience in common.

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Nine Inch Nails & Soundgarden


I’m not sure how many songs passed, maybe two, before I was completely engrossed. They were a little old and lazy, yes, but these songs are good

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Mammoth Torta!

It’s all about the old local rockers.

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September Art Report


Most of the art is hung on clotheslines.

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Because, FUNK… Duuh!


Some festivals give off a shady vibe, but the opposite was true in Belden last weekend.

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Outside Lands


This year marked the seventh year of this bay area event, which has grown at a steady rate to host over 180,000 festival-goers.

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August Art Report


There’s so much more in this fine show at Avenue 9 that I can’t cover it all. You just have to see it for yourself…

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Io Torus, Fighting The Villain, Save Us From The Archon, and UFO vs. NASA


It was like joyful, erratic, math-y, instrumental chaos.

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High Sierra

LG IMG_5451

Aside from those that received top billing, dozens of jam band types and several cross-genre acts filled the days and nights.

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Warped Tour 2014


And so the music goes.

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July Art Report

My work will speak for itself—therefore there are no titles.

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June Art Report


All the students had to work with in class that night was a stick, and generous amounts of black ink.

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Buckeye Gathering


Everything was imbued with wild airs, the promise of durability, and the encouragement to be resourceful.

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