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Febuary Art Report

The 2015 Snow Goose Festival and Wildlife Art Exhibit is the very last show at Avenue 9 Gallery.

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Wanderers and Wolves: Down in the Water


The title track crashes in with all the noise, splashing cymbals and hard drums against a wall of bass and guitar, then opens up space for greasy vocals to slide in, talking about panties and stuff

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Furlough Fridays – Divided


The obvious star here is the female lead vocalist Minnie Mental: She’s a girl, she’s got great pipes, and she’s not afraid to sing with some grit.

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Ave Grave – Album Review


Right from the start, you feel like you’re drifting down a misty river of distant yearnings. The guitar tones are wet, the vocals bubble with reverb, the organ rises and falls like water over stones.

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One Kick


If you’re looking for a great read, one book you should add to the top of your reading list is One Kick by Chelsea Cain.

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The Flesh Prevails, By Fallujah


No one can understand the words, and no one minds at all.

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Icko Sicko, by Icko Sicko


For those who appreciate furiously earnest punk rock purism it would be wise to listen up.

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Iced Coffee Throwdown


We pit eight local coffee houses head to head, comparing their Iced Coffees in an often heated competition (see what I did there?).

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From Parts Unknown by Every Time I Die


You won’t find anything groundbreaking here, but this is still one of ETID’s greatest albums.

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West By Swan CD Release Show


A testament to how long this band had been bringing sweet tunes to our little town.

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Fresh Ink


I knew only that it was to be four one-act plays, written by four local writers, handed to four directors, and performed by four actors apiece.

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3 Reasons To See Godzilla


Classic thrillers like Jaws demonstrate how hard we flip out when we finally meet a fashionably-late threat.

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How good is Tom Hardy? How good is Director Steven Knight?

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“Mmmmm.. Damn.” Those were my first words upon entering the gallery at Naked Lounge and seeing the new art by Christina Seashore.

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Space Dandy


All of the sobriety of the first two series is swept away in waves of sci-fi, nonsense, psychedelia, aliens, humor, smart-phones, and boobs.

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