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AQ (As Quoted)


Spring at AQ snuck up on me the same way my life’s spring season has: surprises at every turn.

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Thanks, Mini-Chewbacca!


I somehow concocted a story about a very small mushroom who picked up a nearby fungus spore and made a wish to become the biggest mushroom in the forest, blowing the spore-dust into the air like dandelion seeds.

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Priorities, Bro


Finding balance in life is sometimes about letting yourself fall off balance, doing things you didn’t plan on doing, shucking rules and norms out the metaphorical window, and just letting go.

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Gardenia-Kissed Air


Spring lets those little phallic asparagus come up in all their glory, and they are exceedingly enticing.

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The Anatomy Of A Plate

Scan 16

Because the Tavern is known for quality meals, dining there offers a great opportunity to practice your restaurant critic skills.

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Apocalypse Peach

lucky zombie

Are we the real zombies?

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Yes, I Do In Fact Want Fries With That


Those golden arches are the American symbol of gastronomy that has gone worldwide in a mere half-century.

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Erica Makes Coffee


Erica has been making coffee for ten years. She’s a great barista with a great personality, who loves connecting with her customers.

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Tilling The Ground


I love growing things because my grandparents showed me the beauty that came with getting their hands dirty.

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Dill Weed


Soil will be brought in, plants will grow, and I’ll have a steady supply of dirt under my fingernails until fall.

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Anthony Bourdain Says Food Is Sex. That’s Because It Is.


Somehow, we’ve created a culture where pleasure is expected to come in an instant, and then we’re surprised when it doesn’t last or satisfy.

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Put A Sticker On That Fish!

Put A Sticker On That Fish!

It’s like trying to harvest wild blueberries, and instead of picking them from the bush, plowing acres of forest with bulldozers and then sifting out the berries (bummer about all those squirrels and trees).

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What Exactly Is A Tomatoespickle?

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 1.53.04 PM

My partner was served his Lounge Burger – the one topped with the tomatoespickle.

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pho photo

If we’re going to expect people to spend their hard earned money from jobs they probably hate and are likely underpaid for, you want them also to sacrifice pleasure and substance for some MSG-filled, overcooked, packet slop?

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Farm City


I loved the beautiful nerdiness and heartfelt honesty of Novella Carpenter’s Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer.

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