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Star Wars Live!


“Triple Threats means so much to me,” said Cecelia M., a 10 year old club member who plays Princess Leia. “Acting, singing, and dancing isn’t my hobby—it’s my passion!”

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Peelander Z

Less of a conventional punk show and more of a drunken rock and roll stage production of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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Taj Mahal: A Magical Memory Tour


I’m nearly 6’3”, so I’m not used to looking up at people. But it felt right to look up to him.

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Conducting From The Grave


The intrepid five-piece certainly displays skillful musicianship, but they elect to step outside of the chaos of bigger-faster-stronger with a varied, progressive angle.

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Tommy Castro And The Painkillers


For those who know his guitar work, he’s surprisingly modest about his chops.

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David Bromberg


I asked what he thought of the current music scene. His answer might surprise some of his fans.

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Cotton Comes To Chico


Chico is a blues town, a poor man’s Austin, but rarely has it seen such pedigree. Cotton may well be the last surviving blues master.

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Carolyn Wonderland Re-Rocks The Big Room This Wednesday


She’s a road warrior, playing gigs all over the place all the time, but never losing her passion for the music she makes, never stinting on a performance, never holding back.

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Celebrating Sonny Boy II At The Annual Big Room Blues Harp Blowout


Butte County blues lovers have made a tradition of kicking off the year by showing up at Hummel’s shows because they know that he’s a top notch player in his own right

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Metal Mayhem


Looks like a pretty solid week for metal. Which is good. The Christmas music is already in full force, and I’m ready to punch a wall or two.

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Have We Mentioned Save The Pageant

j richman

Get ready to make bizarrely comfortable eye contact with him as he lulls you into that magical place between kooky and beautiful.

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Seriously, Save The Pageant


By the end I had both laughed and shed tears. I highly recommend this show, and anything put on by Rogue Theatre.

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