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The Gospel of Ape


Ape Machine, The Vesuvians, Bandmaster Ruckus Saturday March 14, Cafe Coda

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California Honeydrops – Lost On Main Friday, December 5th


The California Honeydrops sound fantastic. Every member of the Oakland five-piece plays remarkably smoothly; every song seems effortlessly slick and fun.

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Gaytheist Comes To Monstros September 10th


They are not metal. They are rock and roll at its finest.

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Pageant Play


It should be too sad to watch, but it’s actually pretty funny… Like a train wreck full of funny clowns, and all the clowns just keep piling out of the wrecked train like so much Mountain Dew and Red Bull being vomited out by an overly made-up four-year-old

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Kendra McKinley Plays 1078 August 16th


Kendra McKinley’s of a different caliber. I mean, she actually graduated from college!

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August 1st: Icarus The Owl


Deliciously authentic and well-written songs that explore themes of love, romance and self-discovery through awesomely memorable melodies.

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Death And The Maiden

wendy pham

The show is indeed gritty, beautiful, and well worth the sacrifice that went into bringing it to life.

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Tom Banwell: Masked Machinations


Coming up on Saturday (June 28th) from 3-6pm, there will be a reception for Tom Banwell’s first solo exhibit in 30 years.

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Cirque Du Solar


Coming up this Thursday (June 19th), all my likes are coming together at the Women’s Club for Cirque du Solar.

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Callow: 1078 Gallery Goes Deep This Friday


You also have moments with gardening where you’re slashing and destroying. It’s both meditative and intense… as is our sound, I think.

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Abigail Williams At LaSalles June 4th


In preparation for their show, I caught up with newest member, guitarist Jeff Wilson.

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Diego’s Umbrella At The Big Room June 4th


Eclectic Dance Band Returns To The Big Room

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Reverend Horton Heat


It’s like meditation, but if meditation didn’t suck.

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Joy & Madness also featuring Ideateam


It’s the perfect music for people who don’t normally dance: the bass pretty much does all the work for you.

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Yay, The Seersucker Ride Is Here!


It happens on Sunday, May 4th, and begins at the Downtown Plaza at 10am sharp (rain or shine).

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