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Poppin’ Wheelies


I will never again take my legs for granted or think mean things about my thunder thighs.

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Counting My Blessings

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I’ve been hit. By a car. While riding my bike. I am grateful I made it out alive and relatively unscathed. A tibial plateau fracture here and some nasty road-rash there is nothing. It hurts to laugh, but at least I am laughing, right? I’d never been in an ambulance or even broken a bone […]

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Tips & Tricks for Summer Cycling


I don’t want my boss, coworkers and customers to think I don’t bathe, so I did a little digging and a lot of thinking and came up with these tips to help us all look refreshed when we arrive via cycle.

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Dear Automobile Drivers


You drivers might be wondering why I am writing to you, this being a cycling column after all.

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A Real And Accurate History Of The Bike

Nude-on-bike-01 (blog)

“Never again will a bicycle be lost to the sea!” he exclaimed, and the U-Lock was invented.

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Bike Manners

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You, the girl on the big black cruiser who has made it a habit to ride on every sidewalk manageable downtown, you’re giving the rest of us on two wheels a bad name.

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Pedal Pushers

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We love bike porn.

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