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Some Blowback In The Wind About Last Week’s Dylan Column


Just when it started getting a little scary, a black kid put his speakers in his second- story window and blasted Dylan singing “The Times They Are a Changin’.”

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Bob, Bob, Bobbin’ Along: Chrysler Cruisin’ With Mr. D


It’s difficult to enumerate all the levels of betrayal to be found in Dylan’s act of pimping for Chrysler.

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Haven’t The Wealthy Suffered Enough?


In a recent column…Tom Perkins, one of America’s persecuted rich people, expressed his fears that people like him are facing a fate much like the Kristallnacht atrocity

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The Weenie Way To Wealth


So dedicated are the drug companies to eradicating this limp-dick scourge that TV commercials promoting the cure for the problem are repeated several thousand times each day.

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Maintaining Cred as an American Guy

357714560_f0dc062be4_o copy

It’s a widely understood rule of citizenship that those who fail to maintain enough viewing hours are designated as un-American, and thus subject to expulsion. If we don’t watch football, the terrorists have won.

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Decency Defectives Take To The Air


They are the decency defectives, and we have a plague of them these days.

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Rubber Ducky Day Rolls ‘Round Again

rubber ducky

In a recent fit of the most idle of idle curiosity, I did a Google search on important dates for the month of January, and boy howdy, did I learn a lot.

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Remember, You Read It Here First: Fearless Predictions For 2014


Clip and save this column. If I haven’t called at least 9 of these accurately, your money will be cheerfully refunded.

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‘Tis The Season Of Goodwill T’ward Men, Minus One


His dislike of writing he devours so avidly extends even to the title of my column.

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An Older Gentleman Gives His Top Ten Reasons Facebook Kinda Sucks, And Says Everything You’ve Been Thinking


I’ve been checking in on Facebook a couple of times a day for several months now, and I pretty much hate it.

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Killer Bargains Excite Holiday Walmartians


As I drew near the entrance, I saw hundreds of bargain hunters milling around, and I heard the unexpected sounds of people cursing.

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World’s Sexiest Man: I Lose Again

Adam Levine w:chick

I’m sure guys like Clooney had a great many letters of recommendation. I, on the other hand, was limited to my wife’s rather tepid note of support.

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What, Me Racist?

Surprised Deputy

I didn’t get busted that night, but I came to know the suspicion that can come with fitting a profile cops don’t like.

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Entirely, Completely, And, Utterly Worse Than Slavery On Slavery’s Worst Day


On mornings when her hair won’t do what she’d like it to do, does Sarah exclaim in exasperation: “Oooh, these split ends are worse than slavery”?

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A Guest Comment By Rand Paul


I’ve never considered myself to be naïve. I knew politicians were often larcenous, but it never occurred to me that their thievery might extend to stealing

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