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Shame, Shame On You


A little shame can nurse and nudge us toward sometimes desperately needed self-improvement.

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A Little Reassurance About Our Future From David Little


Fool me—you can’t get fooled again.

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“Allahu Akbar” Shouldn’t Be An Obscenity

Abubakar_shekau copy

Call me intolerant, but some things just shouldn’t be tolerated…

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Congrats Grads, Welcome To The Club


Party hearty, young dudes and dudettes, cuz PlaySkool is out and real life is now knocking at your door carrying a big bill.

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Putting “Small” Back Into “Small-Town Journalism”


Daugherty’s editorial comment was a chickenshit piece of writing and attitude, whether or not Mary Goloff is addicted to prescription drugs and alcohol.

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New Childhood Diseases Found And Cured

Sluggish Cognitive Tempo, or SCT, a heretofore unnamed scourge of childhood. I’m not making that up. The malady, once known colloquially as “daydreaming,”

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Working For Tips, And Working For Schmucks


Not paying for the service provided by people who serve them seems consistent with the Koch brothers’ view of life, an attitude of entitlement…

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The Putin/Palin GOP Dream Ticket for 2016


What better manifestation of latent homsexual yearnings than this man crush so many right wing dipwads have on Vladimir Putin

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Inspiration In A 12-String Guitar


Alexia wanted me to have it, but I found it too hard too play, so I didn’t take it. But I kept thinking of it, and I finally arranged to get the guitar against everyone’s advice.

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Who The Hell Reads This?


Some people have suggested that nobody at all reads the Synthesis, but I know that’s not true based on my hate mail alone.

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Buddhism For Dummies


I was immediately surrounded by a pack of surly monks, and I was ready for them.

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Pubic Hair And Global Warming


Manmade climate change was causing emergency permutations in the thermal protection provided by pubic hair.

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Is There Life After High School?


Everyone grew old and died, most of them still wishing prom night had worked out better than they remembered it.

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Dope, Dopes, And Dopers


Lenny Bruce once said that marijuana would be legal in his lifetime because he didn’t know a lawyer who didn’t smoke weed. Me neither.

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An Incomplete List Of Real Scumbags


Though there is no way to list all the current high visibility scumbags in a short column, it would be an oversight not to mention our own congressman, Doug LaMalfa…

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