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Observing National Nut Day


Tomorrow, October 22, is National Nut Day, making this a perfect moment to share this Open Letter to Black Folks from Their Friends at the Tea Party

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A Truly LaMalfable Situation


We’re getting pretty badly LaMalfa’d up here in this rural corner of California. If you don’t know what it means to be LaMalfa’d, then you may not be from around these parts; you may not be represented in Congress by people like our own Dougie LaMalfa, a none-too-bright wealthy heir to a big rice farm […]

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Unadulterated Bull Manure


Because, alas, I spend a portion of each day on Facebook, taking little retreats from my work as a freelance writer, I have a constantly renewing source of bullshit (refined and unrefined) shared with me by people from all over the place—all of whom are my “friends,” though I’ve only met a few of them […]

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Kid Stuff: Ted Cruz Meets Ted Geisel


Senator Ted Cruz took to the Senate floor to stage a filibuster in a petulant stand against the Affordable Care Act. He spent part of his filibuster time reading from Green Eggs and Ham

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An Even Dozen Signs We’re All Nuts


12. Bradley Manning is in jail; Dick Cheney is not.

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Obama, Diplomacy, and Explaining the Facts of Life to a Kid While Engaged in the Act


It’s no wonder governments have to conduct so much vital business in secret. The people they govern are just too fucking dumb to know that negotiating calls for concessions

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The Dog Days of Summer


First there were rumors, and then there was irrefutable evidence: Barack Obama hates white dogs. The duly elected leader of all the people (and all their dogs) has made his bigotry clear. There are two First Dogs, and they’re both black. And as the right-thinking thinkers of the right wing have been quick to point […]

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The Pride In Being Somewhere Else


One of the rituals connected to the profession of teaching is an activity I came to call “competitive tourism.” It happens every fall when teachers come together to vie with one another, bearing tales of summer travel. Many decades ago, a few weeks spent in Europe poking around cathedrals and museums was a quite distinct […]

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With Friends Like Those…


“My friend, (name withheld), told me about what had happened to her friend, (name withheld).”

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Yummy Mummies, Brush Whores, & Chair Chasers


Man, I just love language! How elastically it adapts, and how creatively we use it to expand our understanding and to express our burgeoning reality.

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Yo’ Mamma, Bitch!


Most of that bad badinage is rooted in our discomfort about those parts of our bodies engaged in excretion.

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You Might Be A Moron If…


You might be a moron if…you think the Koch brothers have any interest in the well-being of people like you.

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Dealing With It


I thought, “When your dog is in pain, not dealing with it is not an option, man,” and I never again thought of that man without a solid measure of disrespect.

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Things To Believe Until Your Skin Clears Up

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 1.20.42 PM

And, if you grow into adulthood shielded from the world, cocooned by enough privilege to spare you exposure to less favored people, you’ll also be spared compassion for others.

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Bullshit Left, Bullshit Right


Implicit in those words is a smug moral superiority that puts all of its constructs beyond question or criticism.

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