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Cinderella Goes Sci-Fi


Cinder (Lunar Chronicals #1) Marissa Meyer Feiwel and Friends

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Gone Girl Stay Gone


…it read like an over-the-top Mexican soap opera starring Scott Peterson and a grown-up kid from a Barney video.

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PONO and Pocahontas, and Me

He’s a perfectionist, who records everything, and only on a full moon, with the right board and acoustics. 
His musical edge supplied by polio, epilepsy, agoraphobia, being a Scorpio, and his previous status as an illegal immigrant from Canada.

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We’re All Mad Here, You Know?

But around the time you start to think, “All of these people are completely batshit, I can’t believe it!” you begin to realize that this is all of us.

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Crossing Over

I’m 43 and now voluntarily reading my preteen’s books, on my own, and with pleasure.

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The Colbert Book Report

He explains complicated concepts like the Federal Reserve with a quick-witted diagram and compares Wall Street to a “giant church bake sale, only with less backstabbing.”

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Invasion of the Spider Zombies!

But what could make a spider more creepily awesome? If it turned everybody into zombies by living inside them. Inorite?! And how do they get inside people? Ugh, God, you don’t want to know. Unless you do, and then you have to read this book.

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Sara’s Steampunk Primer


Either way, nobody can deny that zombies are huge right now, clockwork things are shiny and intriguing, and the Victorians wore the best outfits.

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