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The Ghost of Christmas Past


It wasn’t just the fact that they put up trees and lights and wrapped presents, it was the fact that they changed the way they behaved toward us, played a big game of pretend and indulged our innocence

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Judgement Day


I instinctively follow the bulk of the group as they turn left down the hall, trusting that they know where they’re going and are here for the same reason as I am—jury duty

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I find myself brimming with pride and gratitude these days. So many of you contribute to making this place what it is, I don’t even know where to start.

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Tweed, Logs, and Typey-Typey


The Tweed Ride is one of the loveliest events of the year and I want you all to go. Unless you don’t like fun, in which case you should take the time to reevaluate your priorities.

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Phoning It In


By the time you read this I’ll be married to the kindest, smartest, most loving man in the world.

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I won’t ask you to put your faith in my reasoning or values, and I won’t put forward personal recommendations telling you who or what to vote for. I will, however, tell you how to vote.

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I was pleased to learn that Dain was a former Novembeard champion, and told him immediately that his face was going to kick all those other face’s asses.

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Women (amirite?), a Fond Farewell, and a Warm Welcome


We have this tendency, maybe it’s an instinct we’ve evolved through so many generations of abuse, to absorb the fallout when these bombs explode. We make excuses for the aggressors, hide the truth from our loved ones, we make martyrs of ourselves

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Barn Burning

barn bite me

When a place is zoned “Commercial,” I’ve always assumed that means it’s zoned for the exchange of goods/services for money, but does it also cover the second definition—does the government have the right to regulate socializing?

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Kaz is a Jerk Now, Creepy Callers, The Barn, and Beer


First of all, never put your cat on a pedestal that isn’t covered in beige carpet.

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Rain Supreme


Once, as an 18-year-old wayfarer, I spent an incredibly intense three days alone in the redwoods, falling apart, crying my eyes out as a coastal rain storm rushed through the needled boughs above me.

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The Old Diarrhea Ruse


He’s pensive for a minute, then looks at me with some alarm. “Ruh roh,” he says, “I maybe shouldn’t have downed that whole bottle of probiotics.” He scoots off to the bathroom in a comical penguin walk.

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She needed the stability, the money; she hoped it would mean she had equal voice in decisions that affected her. But maybe that isn’t enough anymore? Maybe it never was? After 307 years, the marriage may be falling apart.

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Crazy Lips Sewn Shut Guy


After a few whatever dates with Every Generic Tattoo Guy and Socially Awkward Music Store Clerk, I stumbled across this guy who was weird enough to actually hold my interest.

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Lofty Goals and The American Dream


People are creating new pathways in that pursuit of happiness: new careers, new value systems, new approaches to implementing social change.

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