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Faster Than the Speed of Reason


I find myself consistently dismayed when outside observers lump all the residents of Ferguson together

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Wine, Thrifting, and Failing to Attain Zen


Working the Things I Cannot Change into my Spiritual Journey, an Unlikely Thrift Store Haul, and Concocting a Poor-Man’s Speedball

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Definition: Confuse—To assemble without order or sense


We’re lucky to be here—alive and kicking in the year 2014

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Turkey Bags and Trimming Scissors


Like it or not, marijuana cultivation has been and continues to be a huge underground source of income for many residents of Butte County.

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My Two Cents on the Republican Majority and ObamaCare


Dear Republicans – please don’t limit the ability for me to keep my family protected.

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Filth and Beauty


The endeavor would involve me leaving our little cocoon of tranquility and navigating the carcass littered death alley that is Highway 99

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Hard Work and Short Stories


A story has to go somewhere, do something, and provoke some emotion. The reader must be taken from one point to another.

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Lost Frequencies—Old And Busted


I left the show with elevated spirits and ringing ears and made my way up the straight stretch of road that leads from Chico to the farm.

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Leave ‘Em Wanting More


You’re not the Boss, deliver six or eight of your very best songs and get the hell off the stage.

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Another Productive Day In The Life Of Me


Physical work beckons and the blind dog is angling for a walk.

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Serial Flip-Floppers, Hypocrites, And Waiting For The Rain


Sometimes the conspiratorial part of my mind tells me they meant to lose those last two elections.

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Blind Dog and Boxer Shorts


These Days the Internet is my Portal From Country Living to Life in the Big City, Praying Mantises are Determined to Live Inside, and Bill the Dog Has Gone Blind.

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Life Beyond the NFL


It all got me to thinking about football and how the sport has grown from a group of adrenaline-jonesing World War Two veterans engaging in a rag-tag weekly melee, to the ultra-choreographed, oily-slick, media-savvy, money-laden juggernaut we have before us today.

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Prisoners Can Make A Pretty Decent Hooch


Even if it tastes like hell it will do the trick.

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The Death Or Glory Might Kill Me


When it is complete, the idea is that the structure will be nearly entirely encased in soil.

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