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One Last Time With Feeling!


Bad dreams, undulating testes, mid-life crisis and the end of an era

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Insomnia and Revolution


Long-time Chico icons going off-line and early morning ruminations lead to a long, hot bath

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Lost in the Labrynth


A noble experiment, the existence of “patient advocates” within the insurance bureaucracy, and an existential crisis fomented by an impending birthday.

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The DJ Makes us Think


Forgoing FaceBook, Head Transplants, and Art versus Entertainment

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The Magic Jumpsuit


A jumpsuit might temporarily change the way you perceive yourself, but it can’t navigate you through the rabbit hole of insurance company bureaucracy.

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Living in a Fog


Fog or Smoke, fighting through the plague, Dragon’s Blood, and the danger of internet memes

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Fiascoes Great and Small


A historical CIA failure of epic proportions and Kanye West crashing the stage one more time.

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When Coffee Attacks

Now I’m drinking tea and seriously questioning whether or not there is any rhyme or reason to the multiverses.

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Show Time…


Getting ready for tonight’s show; a couple of hot bands on the rise

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State of Dissatisfaction


We Americans are a dissatisfied lot, my own drives cripple me, and the sad state of the affairs that is the Super Bowl

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Read, then Read Again


Marriage is not an institution I had envisioned for myself,

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Dreams of Cyberspace and Undercover Cops


Sometimes I feel like everyone else is driving a late model BMW and I’m still cruising in my coffee-brown Pinto.

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Same as it Never Was


A lot of us old-timers will try and tell you that things were better “back then.”

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Falling Trees

Sorry if You Were Offended Last Week, a Fallen Oak, and End of the Calendar Year Musings

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If We Can Make it Through December…


The only good thing about this time of year is fashion sense and eggnog

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