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Faeries Were A Bad Choice


The next month of homelife with his new “appliances” was strange, uncomfortable, and also strangely rewarding.

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In The Throne Room Again

In The Throne Room Again 001

So! I’ve been watching your 1070 AD self, and she needs to get A LOT better at planting potatoes… tomorrow, you’re going to wake up and ask your sister to teach you to jump rope

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Multidimensional Ladybug Rides


It’s a bit of a rush, isn’t it!

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Inner Bipolar Love Story

innerbipolar (1)

Her hands were wet; her face was wet. The sky was deeply black overhead, seeming to hold Leizah close in a private evening moment.

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Stuck In A Dream


After all his pouting, was he actually ready to return to the land of the living?

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A Strange Fish Indeed


Well, Edmund was not fishing at any ordinary stream, and he was not here to catch ordinary fish.

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Octopus Wisdom


“Well, there can be no doubt that I have a LOT of wisdom.”

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Leaf On A Tree


“Ahh… You’re a leaf.” “I know! Don’t I look great?” It gave itself another little shake in the wind.

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One Page, One Line


A dignified, gold-trimmed, leather-bound book, full of the knowledge of its own importance. In short, just the kind of thing Leiza wished herself to be.

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Solitary Cosmonaut

Different ideas dotted the mental landscape; the clear ones were tall and spiny like the saguaro, while the real treasures, those ideas that could change the world, were hidden beneath the sand like shy desert mice.

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Party On The Lawn


Dexter’s tiny, furry body went stiff with caution for a moment, hidden within his shrub, waiting for the feline to pass.

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Lost In The Flooded Forest, Pt. 2


There would be no exit from this place, not for a long time.

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Lost In The Forest: Pt. 1


Light fell on my eyes, and they half-opened. Trees rose all around, and the soft hum of life could be heard from them

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Meeting The Serpent


“The shores of my subconscious…” I liked saying that line. I liked thinking of my mind as an ocean; within my soul are depths as vast as the sea.

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The Thoughts That Grow


Thoughts grow over time, the more that you think them. Beliefs that are held over the course of years can grow to appear quite large.

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