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Undercover Juggalo: Stream of consciousness at the ICP show

Walking into the show left me with the kind of nervous energy I usually only get when my car breaks down in the wrong side of town. Or when I’m showing a woman my penis for the first time.

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Black Eyes and Blue Balls

by Maurice Spencer Teilmann • Originally Published April 2005 | The world watches as Chico State’s Greek system takes another shot to the gonads

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Originally Published DECEMBER 2005 | I’d imagine that was probably the first time someone said the word “dildo” at an AS Government meeting

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Sayonara, Synthesis

“You cocky little shit. Tell them I’ll have it in when it’s done. [CLICK]”

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Meter’s Running: The Wet Brunette

“There’s that son of a bitch!” I yelled, growling deeply out the back of my throat. I couldn’t even tell who was driving the other taxi but it didn’t really matter, the car was the right color.

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A Special Message From the Synthesis:


It’s with a somewhat heavy heart (on account of the gold, most likely) that we make the following announcement

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Bill Says


This is a tough one—bittersweet.

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Taco Tour


Everything is tacos. Have I ever had a life without tacos? What was my first taco like? Will I ever not have a taco again?

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It’s been four years since I traded in my life for textbooks as I left San Diego’s gay mecca area of Hillcrest to a neighborhood about 600 miles up north called Chico.

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Tales from the Turntable


Do they ever elaborate, like “Please play something I can dance to—I only do Irish Step Dance…”?

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The Mondegreens


What’s that old saying about how “you’ve don’t know what you’ve got til’ it’s gone…” It seems that just as Chico band The Mondegreens are getting some traction in the local music scene and gaining fans, they’re hitting the dusty trail

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The Pageant Part II: The Son Also Rises


The Pageant has now been handed over to Roger’s son, Miles Montalbano. So, who is this guy, and what will it mean?

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No Casual Listening


Old Man Gloom’s Aaron Turner, on music making and bringing the heavy to our town

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The Art of Matt Loomis

Old Man Gloom

There’s something about his art that I find deeply appealing; there’s a sort of heaviness to it, a strange harmony between beautiful and menacing

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Purple Rain


As compared to our Led Zeppelin IV tribute in Sept, this show will have quite a bit more mixed media; Videos, dances… We’re trying to make it feel more like a show start to finish. The music will be great, but we also want people to forget that they are in the BMU Auditorium in […]

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