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Stripped Bare: Part Two

Centerfold 50-20

Despite the strip club being, in many ways, one of the most false social contexts imaginable, Veronica explains that it’s also more real.

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Stripped Bare: Part One

Centerfold 50-8

The strip club is in some ways like a big game board. There are rules, and there are players… It’s the Game of Mutual Exploitation.

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Splitting the Atom

heart yoyo-bw

Her mom and I are separating, tearing our selves in two. The pain is almost unbearable. Then I head to the plaza, where the NorCal Yo-Yo Championship is being held.

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Make, Believe: Real Fun Times In The Barony Of Rivenoak


Later, I see the Queen doing rapier fighting. It’s cool that she still fights, I think.

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A Classy Guy And Some Stir-Fry


He’s been playing since he was eight, and playing professionally since he was 16, when the owner of the piano bar where he was hired had to paint a mustache on him to make him look of age.

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Who Sends Boulders Into Our Lives?


Saturday night. Alone, I go to see the new Christian propaganda movie God’s Not Dead.

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