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Linklater’s new film, Boyhood, which is playing at the Pageant Theater, is one of the most moving and incredibly profound films I’ve seen in years.

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A Diverting Tale

no_sale bw

“Is stealing wrong?” I ask the Young Man. He takes a big breath. Exhales.

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Treasures Inside

IMG_0521 copy

A bidder’s baby wails, singing out in pre-linguistic despair at the human condition, or else maybe because it has gas. The Indian boy is leaned up against a stucco wall, in a world of his own.

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Where We Wind Up

IMG_0472 copy

We are looking down into the hole. I’m early for the funeral I’m crashing and Pat, who is the Grounds Manager, is showing me where the body, which has yet to arrive, will go.

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Boxing Shadows


I take out like at least a half-dozen shadows before the buzzer goes off. I’m some sort of prodigy.

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We Live in Bubbles


But what if we could stay right here? Like that old man over there, the one with the white goatee and the oddly feminine brimmed sunhat with a pink floral band around it. What’s his deal? Let’s ask him.

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Appropriation Attire

photo 2(2)

“Hmmm,” I think, “I don’t want to chillax too much.” So I take a few drops of Chi Builder Tonic, too.

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Goals: Jubilation And Tears At The Sports Bar

IMG_0354 (1)

What word should we use to describe the man who weeps with joy for a friend’s success?

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Toxic Adventures in Smalltown, USA

IMG_0330 copy

Will we soon look back with terrified awe at sites like these and wonder: how could we?

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OG Players


PARADISE ELKS LODGE BLOWS BALLS—IN A GOOD WAY …“Bingo!” comes a creaky voice from across the room, followed by a chorus of embittered mumbles and curses.

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Full Home


Proving that luck is a significant factor, I actually start out doing pretty good.

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Together Again


Ten yards in and we are all growing hungry; hungry to experience, buy, know, ride, ogle, let loose, feel, commune, eat.

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Guns, Rods, Hotdogs and Big Ballistics


The laws were designed so that the number of kids slain during our recurring kid-killing rampages wouldn’t be too excessive.

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photo 2(1)

“The guy who set fire to the Roseville Mall was doing the same thing,” Roy explains. “He was writing stuff down, too.”

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Left, Right, Left, Right, Forward March!


I ask a little girl wearing a t-shirt with a Peace Sign design on it made from pink flowers if she’s wearing it in protest of the parade’s militarism. Her dad mad-dogs me through his mirrored Oakleys.

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