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On Un-Parenthood


We are legion. We do not conceive.

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When a girl is just starting out in the world, she often tends to have the sensibility of a concussed spaniel when it comes to guys.

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City Platy, Country Platy


The cycles of life and death were on full uncensored display, from newborn calves to half-eaten pheasant corpses and a lot in-between.

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A Little Night Music


It wasn’t until later, as we were getting ready for bed, that my guts started feeling a little more blurpy than expected. I suddenly remembered that I’d also had stovetop yeast popcorn for breakfast; to paraphrase Ron Burgundy, that escalated things quickly.

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Tempers Fugit (Sort Of)


Time moves on, but often in curious ways. Like when you escape from the tiny bullshit town in which you had to grow up and return to it, only to find certain elements haven’t changed at all.

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A Rabelaisian Reckoning


I generally consider profanity a verbal condiment. Add some of the right kind, and the savor goes up several notches.

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Aside from being a great way to pick up brand-new earworms—many of these articles just happen to provide video links to hooky songs

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Fifteen Crazy Days


What started as a casual dig for fun-sized bits of trivia for this article turned into a click-fest that would’ve made my Asian Studies instructor cry tears of joy.

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Love Letters


Try navigating around a still-juicy dead cat while avoiding cars, single shoes, and busted beer bottles, in a three-foot-wide lane

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This List Of 7 Awful People At The Gym Will Enrage You


As you begin to burn off some of that eggnog and pumpkin pie, see if you can spot some examples of the following…then join me in my continuing prayers for a zombie apocalypse.

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A Turkey-Day Story

wine cake

A friend of mine (we’ll call her Amber) has taken some painful roots and transformed them into her favorite holiday. If this time of year is stressful for you in a not-good way, let her be an inspiration.

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