This week’s edition of the Synthesis is like a mashed potato surprise. We grab you with a super rad story about The Brothers Comatose and then we hide a survey inside your potatoes so you’ll eat your vegetables and tell us about yourself. We’re friends, right? Let us get to know you better by answering all of our questions. It’s like I’m sitting on your sofa, eating your hummus, looking at all your stuff, and asking you some questions. No big!

Why are we asking for all this information? Because we care, man. We care about our community and we hope that all the information we can glean from our survey will help our community leaders develop a realistic plan to combat, cease-fire, or come to Jesus on the drinking conundrum. And just to remind you about why we care about the conundrum, it’s because we’ve lost four students already this school year – as in they died from alcohol-related deaths.

The most important thing about taking this survey is to BE HONEST. That goes both ways. You don’t have to be a badass and act like you do keg stands for breakfast, but also don’t give us a watered-down version of your business. Give it to us straight. We’ll compile the data and let you know the verdict. No matter what, it’s guaranteed to be interesting, right?

And also because we at the Synthesis are so badass and because we’ve got Max Infeld helping us out, we also have an option to accept your video entries! That’s right, you can make a short video answering some of our survey questions and we’ll post some of the extra good answers on our hella famous Life In Chico Facebook page (, and the front page of the We’ve also included a QR code so all you have to do is scan that business and make it happen, cap’n.

And speaking of the Brothers Comatose, I saw these guys at High Sierra a couple of years ago and they’re the real deal, Holyfield. Get your biscuits to Café Coda and check them out. You won’t be disappointed. You’ll be like on your feet, wanting more n’ stuff.

Sara makes the words happen.