Black and White and Balls All Over

By Sara “Paisana” Calvosa

Synthesis’ team, “Boccerazzi” threw their balls into the ring at the Blue Room Bocce Ball tourney, but the balls just weren’t rolling our way. It didn’t help that we played those notorious sandbaggers, Gran Pallino, right off the bat. Boccerazzi proved scrappy right out of the gate and the game was tight. But even with some ball-crashing theatrics by Karen “La Bella” Potter toward the end, we lost by 1 point. Undaunted and determined to be the winners of the losers, Boccerazzi liquored up with some bloody marys and fueled up with some lunch, getting ready to deliver an onslaught to the other team’s balls.

Our next round was a squeezer—neck and neck, back and forth—with a lot of lackluster plays by the Paisana and partner Matt “The Gelato” Olson. Then, La Bella was distracted by a flirtatious 7-year-old in the last minutes of the game (according to her partner Dan “Limoncello” Beveridge) and we ultimately gave up the match in a heartbreaker—losing by 1 point again. However, as usual the bocce scene was festive and happening, the food was wonderful, and a fabulous time was had by all. I wholly encourage everybody to check out our vibrant bocce ball scene and to look for upcoming tournaments. It’s a wonderful time; plus, infinite jokes about balls.

Sara makes the words happen.