Ain’t no party like a KZFR party,
because the KZFR party had Thor.

Picture four heroes walking in slow motion toward the battle of a lifetime. As rain pours down and clouds menace, our heroes stroll with determination past hardcore tennis courts and a fountain, unstoppable. Two adults, a 10-year-old, and a 7-year-old; all wearing flat shoes, ready to put an epic smackdown on a fundraiser bocce ball tournament. Team Boccerazzi showed up to the KZFR Bocce Tournament ready to eat some hot dogs, roll some balls, and chill out in the Racquet Club hot tub. Mission. Accomplished. Since we couldn’t get anybody from the office to play, my rockstar kids stepped up to the plate and rolled their hearts out. We got creamed—but you know, more hot tub time, suckas! All in all, the event didn’t seem well-enough attended to make any money, but everybody was in great spirits despite the rain. The hot dogs were top notch, the beer was frosty, and there were a lot of really friendly faces. It was such good clean fun that even my tech-addicted offspring had a great time. It helped that we played a team that had a guy dressed as Thor. And after the Thors had beaten us, my 7-year-old turned to me and said, “It’s ok Mom…at least Thor didn’t smash our balls with that hammer.”

Sara makes the words happen.