Bob’s Thoughts From The Jungle

A few months ago I had this idea to write little essays that were created from thoughts that I had while I was here in the jungle. When you are all alone in the middle of the jungle your mind races, you think a lot—I mean a lot!!! Sometimes it’s crap but sometimes I conjure up something noteworthy. So I thought maybe this would be a fun little series to have in the Synthesis. If all goes according to plan this will be the first of many segments entitled, “Thoughts from the Jungle.”

Since I have been here I have had a plethora of thoughts about friends. I have made a few posts on Facebook about them; some were well received, some weren’t. But after countless hours of pondering on the subject, I have concluded that all friends are important, whether they are an acquaintance, a good friend, or what I like to call a “bullet” friend. A “bullet” friend is, as you probably guessed, a friend you would take a bullet for. Or another, less deathly way to look at it, is a friend you could call at 3am and say that you were in prison in Los Angeles and you needed their help, and they would actually help you.

These are the friends I want to descant about. Now don’t get me wrong, all friends are good, even the ones we merely say hi to when we pass them on the street and nothing more. But it’s these “bullet” friends who get us through the hard times. They are there for us when no one else is. They get us through a tear-filled rampage. They make us see the light at the end of the tunnel. When we fear all hope is lost and life is too dreadful to continue, they are there to make us feel comforted. They are our family.

When you really ruminate over it, family is all we really have in this world. Money and possessions can be taken away in a heartbeat, but family is forever. Now if you are like me, and have a very small family (11 living members), these “bullet” friends become just as, if not more important than your actual blood family. Especially when you consider that you are born with your blood family; you have no choice over the matter. But you can choose your friends. And it is extremely important to choose wisely, because your friends are a reflection of you. If you make the wrong choice it may come back to bite you in the ass. And “bullet” friends are like family, so once they are in it is hard to get rid of them.

Since I have been out here all alone I have come to give thanks for all my friends, but I really appreciate my ”bullet” friends. These people are the ones I can turn to when I need a shoulder to cry on, a ear to blab to or a hug that will make me feel like everything is ok. We all have “bullet” friends; some may have way more than others. I know life is crazy and gets in the way so many times, with jobs and kids and bills and chores, months pass us by in a blink of an eye. But take a few minutes out of your day, today, and acknowledge who your “bullet” friends are.

Give them a call, tell them you love them. You will both feel good about it. Trust me.