As a child, I could spend all day knocking around the neighborhood, maybe going home to eat, maybe not, but my family didn’t hear from me for hours on end, which was fine with me. Now such a thing is unthinkable.

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So You’ve Lost a Newspaper Column


Let’s start from the beginning: how the fuck did I get a column? Where am I? Why does it hurt to breathe? All good questions.

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One Last Time With Feeling!


Bad dreams, undulating testes, mid-life crisis and the end of an era

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Magic Eye Posters Are Still Cool, Right?


I’m sure with my impressive portfolio I’ll immediately be snapped up by one of the greats, like The National Enquirer or Dog Fancy. Actually, if any of you “know a guy” there, hook it up.

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Winter WonderGrass Festival 2015

I Love Bluegrass

Festival season kicks off early and with style at Lake Tahoe Words and Photos by Alan Sheckter The Winter WonderGrass festival’s first foray into California, outdoors at Squaw Valley at Lake Tahoe, came through with flying colors, March 20-22. The boutique festival that boasted many of the West’s hottest pickin’ and grinnin’ Americana jam bands […]

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Damn… I Wanted to Quit

But, in a good way.

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Horoscopes – Week of March 30, 2015

Aries Initiate appropriate action. You need to express a deep and abiding love. Monday through Tuesday morning the Moon will be in your fifth house along with Jupiter expanding your heart, allowing you to do the things that make you happy. Tuesday afternoon through Thursday focus on clean-up, organization, and service to others. Saturday’s lunar […]

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This Shit is Just Really Sad


I hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane with us. I know it’s bittersweet, but really, so were we.

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Hot Flashes: Welcome To Chico, The Best Place Ever Invented Ever

by DANIEL TAYLOR • Originally Published August 2008 Hey Everybody! OMG did you know that people in Chico are the happiest fucking people on earth?

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An Unnecessary, Semi-Accurate History of ‘Hot Flashes’

Free drinks, the adoration of moderately attractive women, the hushed reverence of my tight-panted peers at emo shows; the fringe benefits were numerous.

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The Passion of the (Sleazus) Christ

My job is to create stuff out of words. And I wouldn’t have it without my time at Synthesis.

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Undercover Juggalo: Stream of consciousness at the ICP show

Walking into the show left me with the kind of nervous energy I usually only get when my car breaks down in the wrong side of town. Or when I’m showing a woman my penis for the first time.

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Black Eyes and Blue Balls

by Maurice Spencer Teilmann • Originally Published April 2005 | The world watches as Chico State’s Greek system takes another shot to the gonads

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Originally Published DECEMBER 2005 | I’d imagine that was probably the first time someone said the word “dildo” at an AS Government meeting

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