Chikoko Metamorphosis


Seven years ago, five women known as The Gorgeous Ventriloquists collaborated on their first fashion production titled The Experimental Fashion Show. None of the women had a traditional background in fashion, but they had experience with performing and visual arts, which they utilized to make the show a huge success. The positive feedback the women […]

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Chico City Council Quiz


Hello my fellow Chico-Americans! For the first time in the history of the Synthesis, we held a City Council Candidate Forum in our hallowed halls. Take our quiz to find out with who you most agree!

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Winter Is Coming

The folklore surrounding the Lake Tahoe basin can sometimes seem dark and disastrous. One particular tale recounts a group of carpenters, sent to work on a railroad trestle in the middle of winter back in the 1800s. The workers encountered a sudden blizzard that trapped them in the mountains from which they never returned.

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The Travel Gods Can Be Kind

It’s hard to tell what is fate, and luck; or what glories derive from practice, ritual, and faith. Trish and I took another trip down to Southern California last weekend.

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Elvis Costello 2054 Centenary Tour Laxson Auditorium


In the army— “Oliver’s Army” or any other— being at attention and being at ease are totally disparate. In Laxson Auditorium last Tuesday, Elvis Costello had his packed audience straddling both simultaneously, as if they were complements. Looking around the auditorium, I found generations X, Y, and Z all perfectly at ease, relinquishing their full […]

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The Dirty Cloud


The New York Times just ran a series on the destructive impact of cloud computing. In it, they publish their findings on the energy consumption and environmental impact of the datacenters that power our favorite web and mobile apps, store our data, and deliver our electronic communications. Another way to phrase that: the datacenters that give us […]

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Atonement, Time, and a Missive on Oligarchy

By Bob Howard It’s Yom Kippur as I write this, a “day of atonement” among those who share the Jewish faith. For those practicing, a fast started yesterday at sunset, and continues until the sun drops below the horizon today. Atonement, confession – even the scientists recognize the efficacy of these rituals in regards to […]

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Live Your Lief

by Nolan Ford Life is beautiful, we are all going to die someday, and if you give up, fuck you. These are just a few of the messages that Steve Roggenbuck has dedicated his life to sharing through his video blog, Live My Lief. Inspired by the work of poets, Walt Whitman and E.E. Cummings, […]

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