Bill Says #1

by Bill Fishkin
Originally published 1994, in the Weekly Synthesis Issue 1.

I’ve always had really weird dreams; I’d tell one of ’em to someone and they’d look at me like I was insane or some- thing. I had another one of these last night…

My girlfriend was working for this company and she happened to come across some information she wasn’t supposed to, then (of course) she shared the information with me. The company was doing things to its workers, exposing them to substances and chemicals that would end up killing them. This information was vital to the company; they wanted both of us dead (this was the dream, are ya with me?).

Later that night a postman came over and told us he was here to protect us. He was with one of his buddies, a big ugly guy. Suddenly, all this shooting broke out, and my girlfriend and I ran off and got in my Mazda. We drove for hours and ended up at some gas-station somewhere in the middle of nowhere. When we got out of the car, everyone started shooting at us! We hid and shot back, and nailed a few of the bad guys Lethal Weapon style.

Soon that was over, and we were eating at some roadside trailer park diner, like the one at the beginning of Natural Born Killers (I don’t even like steak and eggs). After we finished our gourmet meal we went out to the car and it wouldn’t start; the engine was dead. To make matters worse, the car in front of us starting spraying liquid on us… it was sick.

Next thing I know, we’re at some hospital all cleaned up, wearing those white gowns, having yet another meal (I guess I went to bed without my nightly fix of Top Ramen), but this time we were accompanied by a very large nurse making sure we ate every bite. I had a feeling something was rotten in Denmark so I grabbed my girlfriend and kissed her. The nurse was offended and turned her head. I leaned over again, this time to her ear, and whispered, “Don’t drink the lemonade they gave us, it tastes bad.” Then—right when the plot was about to unfold —my damn alarm woke me up from this wacky dream.

I laid there for a while, contemplating my dream, thinking “Jeez, I wonder if anyone else dreams that way. I’m crazy.” But then I really thought about it… Information is why we got in trouble in the first place (in my dream), information is power, people DIE over information. The whole thing with the lemonade too, it tasted bad. What happens when all the lemonade in town just doesn’t taste that good anymore? Not that I drink that much lemonade (how ’bout beer, this is Chico)…when you don’t like the way something tastes, you change something; that’s what we’re doing.

Chico is growing every day, I’ve been here for two years and I love it, it’s a great place to live, go to school and hang out. We are filling a gap with this paper; this is being written for the people by the people. A lot of what we focus on will be about entertainment, but we’re going to touch on every subject that might concern you and I. We want to make positive changes in this town and be part of your everyday lives.

This is your paper, not some corporate monster being sponsored by…oh…a bank or something (how’d ya like a brand new student I.D. card that’s also an ATM card… sponsored by Wells Fargo?). This is something for everyone and anyone; people can participate in it. Write us a letter, get involved in your city. We can do a lot in this area. Take out the calendar that’s going to be right in the middle of every issue and stick it on your ‘fridge, wall, bathroom door, ceiling—wherever—the calendar will tell you what’s happening, where it’s happening and when it’s happening.

If something’s happening and we don’t know about it, let us know, we’re a newspaper and we’re supposed to give you information—not the kind that’s going to lead you to eating a bad breakfast at some cheesy diner in nowheresville—info that will make you want to go out and have fun.

We’re gonna shake things up in this town, make a positive change, inform people… I’ll let you know if l have any other weird dreams.

Oh…before I close this out for the week, there are soooo many people we want to thank for supporting us AND believing in us…

Personally I’d like to thank my girlfriend Paula for all of her love and support, John and Richard for being good partners in this tremendous endeavor, Luke Evans (without whom none of you would even be reading this), Mr. Azad and everyone else at Azad’s Martial Arts Academy for their support, Brian at Tower for all the art and time he’s contributing (I feel like I’m writing liner notes in a CD or something), Mike at KCSC for supporting this project and being an amaZing writer, Mike Graben and Elbert Chan for all of their continued support and time dedicated to this project, ALL the other writers, Jeff at Kona’s, Syb at Juanita’s, Dan Ledford at Accualarm, Steve Mosher at Stash, Rick at Jake’s, Peter at Pizza Face, and Dan and Ed at the Cosmic Travel Agency. Without all of you, NONE of this would be possible!!

One more thing, anyone out there want to write?

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