Beauty is Not a Size 0

How could you love yourself when you’re being constantly compared to beautiful Photoshopped women every day?

Well, it is easier said than done. Coming from a 13-year-old girl dealing with self-image, self worth, and society’s pressures, it is not easy being a girl!  As I look through social media websites I see perfectly skinny women with shiny long hair, and beautiful faces. When I see the woman I only wish to be her or the next perfect one like her.  The allure is very strong.

As I struggled through today’s society, I succumbed to the pressure of having to be skinny and thinking thin is the only form of beautiful. The eating disorder soon took over my thoughts and actions. I first started cutting back on the foods I loved. I was eating only healthy foods. Then I was only allowing myself to eat under 900 calories a day. I physically felt weak and brittle, but mentally I felt strong knowing I couldn’t eat. I had the strength to not eat when other girls couldn’t help themselves. As I became “stronger” so many peers started noticing my weight loss.  After awhile I noticed I was becoming too skinny and my disorder had gotten out of control.

I felt like I was alone but as I started researching this disease, I realized I wasn’t alone. There were so many girls struggling with this disorder. With the help of friends and family I soon overcame Anorexia. I went to a counselor who helped me believe I was truly beautiful even if I was not a size zero. As I was trying to find myself and who I really was, I found that everyone is different and beautiful at a size 16 or a size 1.

Today, I view myself as a healthy young girl. I’m still not the skinniest girl around, but I am OK with my body. I don’t look emaciated or sickly anymore. I am a happy, smiling, energetic teen.

Society believes if you are skinny you are prettier or better than others. Skinny is a look, but happiness is a feeling. At my skinniest I was so unhappy because I was thriving to be skinnier. Happiness does not come from the outside, but the inside.  With today’s society girls just need to learn to love and accept themselves, and to always remember beauty comes from within.

by Carly Gunn

Age 13

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