Ave Grave – Album Review

First and foremost, it’s Ah-vey Grayve—like “Ave Maria,” but if Maria was a grave, and you were like “hail, grave, you’re full of gravey goodness today!” If you’re anything like me you’ve been reading it Ah-vey Grah-vey or Av Grav or Ayve Grayve and it’s been driving you crazy. I know, you’re welcome.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the actual music!

Right from the start, you feel like you’re drifting down a misty river of distant yearnings. The guitar tones are wet, the vocals bubble with reverb, the organ rises and falls like water over stones. It’s beautiful, like Ophelia dressed in flowers as she drowns .

If there’s a common thread between all the songs, it seems to be a sort of despair in the face of every emotion, a sense of being pulled along by the relentless inevitability of time. Also, waltzes. It’s like you’re waltzing with the one you love, gazing into their beautiful blue eyes, and all you can think about is how they’re going to die someday. There’s heartbreak from loss, heartbreak from need, heartbreak from having heart problems and a dead lawn… If you’re going through a breakup and it’s raining and you have an incredibly cozy down comforter, or if you just like to indulge in memories of heartbreak and rain (remember rain? that shit was crazy), this is the perfect album.

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