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The Rose Has Teeth- Part Three: Glorious Beings


“And what shall I do with this dainty morsel?” His evil grin widened.

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The Rose Has Teeth Part 2: One Into Many


Eons passed in a mere six months. Sagar was the first to reach the sand dune’s shifting zenith. Beneath him, at long last, lay their destination. The valley below him was little more than a dip in the sand. It was shallow, yet very wide. At its center he could see the structure. A tiny […]

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The Rose Has Teeth – Part 1: Origins


Chaos. From outside the heavy wooden gate, Norbu could hear the screams. As he entered the inner courtyard, he saw a monk lifted as if by sorcery from the nearby steps into the temple, and dashed brutally against the stone wall

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Round Robin Fiction- Round One, Part One


Round One, Part One

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