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The gigantic video screens, located on both sides of the stage and dispersed throughout the food court, were perfectly synced with the live audio, making it so there wasn’t a single bad seat in the house.

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Sea Change


Joey Ficken will be drumming for Sea Wolf at the Great American Musical Hall in San Francisco next Tuesday, May 21st. Someone tell his parents.

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New Bar Welcomes Beer n00bs


No, no, no. I steer away from the term “snob” although I would say I’m a beer snob for sure.

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All Hands On Dex


In addition to hosting rock music, Dex is also on its way to becoming the premier venue for up-and-comers within the genres of rap and hip hop

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surrogate for web

The unanimous feeling amongst the group is that Post-Heroic achieves a bigger, rock-type sound that distinguishes it from their previous, more folk-inspired efforts.

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Although I’ve successfully curbed my obsession quite a bit over the years, the group I still identify as my favorite band, Tera Melos, is releasing their new album, X’ed Out, next month.

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Dust Bowl Kids

dust bowl kiel

The series nurtures a strange sense of humor, a la Tim & Eric, but not so bizarre that it’s inaccessible or disturbing.

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A Morning With Bogg


Mind Bogg-ling Jazzy Gentleman

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Pageant Dads: The Loveseat Diaries Feb. 16 1078 Gallery


Valentine’s Day has come and thankfully gone, but the rapidly rising Pageant Dads have left a tale of betrayal, love, redemption, and “baby mama drama” in the hearts of the 100+ people that packed into the relatively small 1078 Gallery to catch “The Loveseat Diaries.”

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Presidents of Chico


Presidents Day isn’t just about getting a few days off…wait…what is President’s Day about? Since we can’t interview Abraham Lincoln or George Washington, we decided to go out and find some of our local community Presidents and ask them some questions instead. Hail to the chiefs!

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Steve Adams – The Man, The Myth, The Bassist

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Brothers Comatose: Here to Wake You Up


The first thing I noticed while interviewing Ben Morrison was how similar his speaking voice sounded to the singing I’d heard on his two albums. There’s a raspy but warm, pleasant tone that makes it easy to listen to him whether he’s performing or simply discussing his musical life with Americana/folk group, The Brothers Comatose.

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Super Har-Bowl


Both teams’ risky decisions have paid off as they both reached the Super Bowl.

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Amanda Detmer

Amanda Detmer 2

“If this is it…if this is as far as this life goes for me, then I can always say that I was there and I saw what it was like to be in an A-movie.” I just hope it happens again.

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Decades at Ruthless Rye IPA Release Party Jan 7 -Sierra Nevada Taproom


Several years ago, drummer Billy DiBono and I were sitting backstage at Feather Falls Casino alongside the lead singer of 80s cover band, Tainted Love. (more…)

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