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Heyoka and Ne’wekwe are two names for people called “sacred clowns” in native tribes. They had many functions, but their main purpose was to keep people on their toes, to help them avoid getting bogged down in complacency.

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PSA: Socially Transmitted Craft Matter


We’re slap in the middle of the holiday season—which means an uptick in shopping, parties… and glitter.

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Into That Good Night


Death with dignity is probably my #1 social cause

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Re-Thinking What Constitutes “Obscenity” (Again)


Maintaining friendships is hard.

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Grab Onto Your Seats…


Reading Amazon reviews is often time well spent.

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Thanks for Your Concern, Guys


Although snark generally reads as anger, I’m not actually good and pissed very often. Today is an exception.

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A Ginger Answers Your Questions


There are many legends about that fantastic creature known as the redhead.

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And Then One Day, I Was The Weirdo


Connecting isn’t impossible, but it is damnably awkward.

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If anyone mutters “It was just a cat” within earshot during that time, I won’t be responsible for what happens next.

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Worth A Thousand


There’s something about pawing through those faded prints that sends me to a softer place.

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The World’s First Honest Cover Letter


Sorry, were you expecting a cover letter burbling about how orgasmically thrilling it would be to work for your exalted place of business?

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There And Back Again


It’s good to get out into the world and experience new and different things… but so is coming home.

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Things That Make You Go “YES!”


The instinct to heal by making tiny works of art, with tactile physical elements, trumped any sort of actual thinking.

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In The Shadow Of The Fire, Pt. 2


“Make a wish. And blow really, really hard…”

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In The Shadow Of The Fire, Part 1 of 2


Circumstances can change quickly with fire.

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