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March Art Report


My overall impression of the work is that techno art is in an experimental stage.

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Febuary Art Report

The 2015 Snow Goose Festival and Wildlife Art Exhibit is the very last show at Avenue 9 Gallery.

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January Art Report

I try to be extremely open-minded and I’m not easily shocked, but…

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December Art Report


The structures depicted pulsate with an energy barely contained by delicate, but sharply etched lines.

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November Art Report

Artoberfest has come and gone—a month when painting, prints, sculpture and all things artistic are more prevalent in Chico than jack-o-lanterns.

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October Art Report


The love of art leads you down interesting paths…

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September Art Report


Most of the art is hung on clotheslines.

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August Art Report


There’s so much more in this fine show at Avenue 9 that I can’t cover it all. You just have to see it for yourself…

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July Art Report

My work will speak for itself—therefore there are no titles.

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June Art Report


All the students had to work with in class that night was a stick, and generous amounts of black ink.

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May Art Report


If you want to see cutting edge in Chico, the 1078 Gallery is the place to go.

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Wo Fat Head


He decided to get back up on the horse that threw him and, as he jumped up on the stove, I heard a “click.” “What’s that?,” I thought stupidly.

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A Story so Sweet it Should Be a Disney Movie


That night I had I a dream. It was probably was a premonition that I’d find her again eventually.

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The Garbage Fairy

from the crypt

I have a magical effect on children. The day I became Chico’s most notorious canner, I went to an art reception in the evening. On the way home (and I DO have a home) I decided to do some canning. I can’t seem to help it. There are garbage cans at the curb in front […]

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