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Read My Lips: New Taxes!

Sarah's Ad

The path we are on now is frightening—the beginning of a long period of economic stagnation, and doesn’t at all match the vision most Chicoans have for our home.

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The Innovation Within


I have an Innovation Challenge for you.

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Nothing To Hide?

Good, because you can’t. Matt Olson, breaks down the great government overreacharound we’re getting from the NSA.

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Fab Lab


A group of makers has been quietly building a community space here in Chico with great potential for democratizing the tools of innovation and expression. After months of planning and hard work, Idea Fab Labs, Chico’s first makerspace, is opening its doors May 4th.

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Community Summit Summup


“We’re not here to wag our fingers and lecture, and we’re certainly not here to point our fingers in blame. We are here to connect, and communicate, and commit.” ~Paul Zingg

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Bitcoin – Don’t Believe The Hype

mario bitcoin mashup

It is anonymous, so you can buy and sell whatever you want without leaving a trace…drugs, weapons, stolen credit cards, assassination contracts…

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Hello My Name Is: Chico (And I Have A Drinking Problem)


We all have a role to play in engaging University students, bringing them into the community, and offering constructive channels for their youthful energy as an alternative to constant partying. This will not only help moderate dangerous levels of alcohol consumption, but can also serve the long term interests of students and the community at […]

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Technology Year In Review


Open Source Hardware On The Rise Limor Fried, the fearless leader of the open source hardware movement, and an inspiration to makers and hackers worldwide, has been named Entrepreneur of the Year by Entrepreneur magazine, and I can’t think of a more appropriate recipient. Last year, her company Adafruit Industries sold $10 million worth of […]

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Preparing The Littles For The Internet

When I asked my six-year-old what he hoped Santa would bring him for Christmas, he said “you know… It starts with an F… A phone!”

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Kids Can Hack Too

I’ve been blessed with two bright, young boys with inquisitive and capable brains. The oldest is reaching an age where he’s asking more questions about my work, and when I use terms like programming, software, algorithms, or languages, his curiosity is piqued, but when I tell him that I can make a computer do anything […]

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Love ‘Em Or Make ‘Em Leave?

They travel on the homeless highway from Seattle to Portland to San Francisco, and now Chico is on that stop.

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Sharing Is Caring: Collaborative Consumption and the Emerging Reputation Currency

It turns out people want to share.

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The Dirty Cloud


The New York Times just ran a series on the destructive impact of cloud computing. In it, they publish their findings on the energy consumption and environmental impact of the datacenters that power our favorite web and mobile apps, store our data, and deliver our electronic communications. Another way to phrase that: the datacenters that give us […]

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